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Our Merry Little Christmas | 2017

Well, we are in full depression mode here as the Christmas decorations have come down and were back to school. Except for today because we are enjoy our first snow day of the year! (Fist bump for taking a chance and turning off all alarms.)
I can’t bring myself to take the trees or stockings down, but it does feel nice to get my house back in order (kind of).
We had the best Christmas this year, full of cuddles, a nonstop fire and lots of movies and hot chocolate. {and coffee!}
We started the celebrations on the 23rd with our very first Nutcracker experience! I have always wanted to take the girls and this year we finally got it together and made it. 
It did not disappoint! Both girls made it through the whole way and it was the nicest afternoon spent with my favorite ladies. (Minus Hazel, because obviously)
Harper has been wanting to do ballet for a little while now, and I am happy to say after 7.5 years of being a girl mom, I finally signed up my first girl for the winter session! 

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