Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Dear Daughters

Raising girls has been a more amazing than I can put into words experience so far. Mind you, Ive only been doing it for 5.5 years but I have a feeling the best times are yet to come. 

When I found out I was having Harper my mind immediately went to how thankful I was Quinn would have a sister to share her life with. The fact that I never had sisters made me all the more excited to raise these girls to live each other fiercely. You know...Braverman style. (Seriously though, what did I ever do without this show? Thank you Netflix.)

When I found out we were having Hazel I had those same exact feelings except this time my mind more went towards the route of raising my little tribe of women who would some day grow up and marry three different kind of men. 

Men scare me. To put it as honestly as I can, I've seen men change women, I've seen them manipulate, control, offer a life of happiness and promise and then have it all taken away. I've seen weak women settle, never using their voice when it should have been used. And it scared me. 

It scares me. 

My biggest fear in life is having my girls settle. Love is crazy, y'all. It makes you do crazy things. I think of myself as a teenager and I cry/laugh at the thing that I did. I think being surrounded by asshole men my whole life has kind of opened my eyes more than normal and know from a very young age that if I ever got married, I wanted something so completely different. Luckily I found that awesomeness all rolled into an Anthony sandwich, and I thank God for that every day. 

Anthony is a huge part of what I never had. Father and husband wise. He loves his women and would kill for any of us. He works likes a dog and comes home and settles right into Dad mode. Especially on days when I hand him the infant and run as far away as possible. He is the dad that wants  to be at every doctor's appointment, soccer game, school meeting. 

I am so thankful for the examples he is setting and I pray that our girls will grow up strong, mindful and to, for the love of God 


So my dear, sweet angel babies. May you never settle for anything. Job, circumstance, man. May you always be spirited, confident and motivated. And know that Mommy and Daddy (and sisters) will always have your back. 

(Insert fist bump emoji)

Hazel Faith | 6 Months

6 months! Is that real?! Looking at that little face and how much she's changed is kind of insane sometimes. Between two other kids, an insane amount of sleep deprivation and literally never having a second to spare, I feel like her time is going by way too fast. 

And I don't like it. 

Little sister is a feisty one. Surprise surprise, just like her sisters. She is the most happy baby. It's not hard to get a smile out of her... If she likes you. If she doesn't she has the judgiest of eyes and it's kind of hysterical. 

She is eating solids like a champ! Sweet potatoes have her heart, and applesauce is too sweet. I should really start feeding her twice a day but really, I'm just being lazy. 

Food before one is just for fun, right?

Sleep. Ohhhh sleep. My littlest baby I wish so badly you enjoyed sleep as much as the rest of this household. 

She is the most unpredictable sleeper. The only constant is that she goes to bed at 7:00/7:30. She's super easy to put down but for some reason keeping her asleep has become a severe problem. 

She is almost always up at 11:30/12:00 for a paci. Now that she's figured out how to put it in her own mouth I think it's time to dump about 50 in her crib and call it a night. 

She'll wake up for a full on meal anytime between 1:00 and 3:00. Like its not a comfort thing, it's her best meal of the day. I try to feed her in her room by herself during the day but she is so distracted by everything these days I feel like she doesn't eat as well as she could be. So I'm really in no rush to cut out the night feeding but I'd appreciate a longer stretch :)

Other than that girlfriend is a breeze. She naps pretty well, is super go with the flow.... I mean does she really have a choice? The baby fever has already sunk in. I MEAN AM I CRAZY?! There have been talks of a fourth baby. We're not sure but can you blame us?! They are all pretty delicious. 

I will leave you with her stats from her doctors appointment on Wednesday and a little 6 month comparison with her sisters. 

15 lbs, 15 ounces (48th percentile)
26.4 inches (72nd percentile)

(Quinn Taylor)

(Harper Grace)

Time is a real bitch I tell you. 

Thursday, January 28, 2016

School is not your child care! (Loud noises!)

Ok, so this week has brought out a lot of emotions. The feelings, people. They are everywhere. 

We're on snow day #8 and I've heard it all. The county decided to close school again today and people are not holding back!

I get a lot of entertainment from reading everyone's comments. (Sorry) But the psychology major in me is fascinated by 1) the need for people to start Facebook wars on this topic 
2) the utterly stupid comments people write 

I quote:

"Momentum of education is suffering." 

That one made me laugh the hardest. 

This was posted on the county school Facebook page by an obviously angry mama. 

Need I mention that there are literal 10 foot high snow piles e v e r y w h e r e . And some kids walk and take the bus to school. I know, right? What assholes. 

Let me just say, I get it. Are my kids driving me insane? Absolutely. And I only have one child in school! Do I really care? No. 

But let's look at the facts here... I am a stay at home mom so I don't really have to care. Do I get why people are so angry? 


I, too was once a full time working mom. With a lot of help. And I was the parent that had to miss work due to illness, clingyness, doctor's appointments. You name it. The husband just couldn't do it. 

So I totally understand the frustration parents feel. I am one that thrives on a schedule. I like plans and I function well when I'm busy. When I'm stuck at home with nothing to do? I fall apart. 

Do you know the one comment that I literally have such an issue with?


Umm, thank you? I think we're all aware.

How many times do I have to hear "who do you think takes care of your kids all day?!" No shit. We get teachers are amazing people. I could never do it.  

Why people feel the need to throw that out there kind of pisses me off. Because a) guess what jerk offs? There are these amazing people called single mothers/fathers out there who have no family/help and full time jobs who kind of (rightfully so) depend on their kids going to school. 
b) there are people whose entire being revolves around their children and their schedule. (Hi, every parent) so while it's totally understandable that school is being called off, do I get the frustration of "another snow day?"

Also you tell me one parent who busts their butts for daycare who doesn't feel even the slightest feeling of relief for "free daycare" or as the rest of us call it, SCHOOL. 

Hell yes. 

So why would someone feel the need to be a complete dick and talk about school being daycare and how these people should "handle their kids?" I don't know. But my guess is those moms are the ones who demand gluten free snacks and don't let their kids eat Lunchables.

Just my opinion. 

So is everyone entitled to be frustrated? 

YES. Welcome to the real world. Unfortunately, these days a world where everyone is offended by everything. 

Do we all need to share our butt hurt opinions on the topic? Probably not. All the complaining in the world is not going to change the fact that schools are doing what's best for children. 

So please do us all a favor and SHUTTHEFUCKUP with the opinions that only revolve around your circumstances. 

The end. And thank you. 


An exhausted mom. 

Monday, January 18, 2016

Christmas | 2015

This Christmas was filled with little sleep and tons of smiles. I could not be more grateful for my three amazing little girls. Watching Quinn and Harper and how much fun they had just makes it one of the best days ever. Hazel happily napped right through present opening and then came down to play with all the wrapping paper. And since she was up so early, I got to snap some quiet photos and enjoy the magic, just me and my itty bitty.

Aways a joy to see the husband's wrapping techniques. 

They were so excited to peel around the corner!

Her favorite gift out of everything. A stuffed Corn the Elf that 
she could have and cuddle all year long!

"Open this for me."

This girl and baby dolls. Never have I seen such an obsession. 


Finally awake! And enjoyed the loads of wrapping paper!

Thankful for the 70 degree Christmas degree weather. Seriously, I need to move.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! Re-joining the real world has been tough and I hate it. 

Monday, January 4, 2016

You cant pour from an empty cup.

I'm sure by now everyone has seen the video of Jada Pinkert Smith answering the question, "What's the hardest thing about being a wife and mother?" 

If you haven't seen it, here is the video. 

I'm a total and complete Will Smith fan, and I do think they can get a little on the weirdo side with some things they say, but this video really struck a chord with me. 

In a nutshell, Jada emphasizes on how you have to take care of yourself and how balancing motherhood, along with being a wife is one of the most difficult things you can do. 

Can I get an amen from all the moms out there?

Lately I've been feeling... empty. Unfulfilled and just overwhelmingly blah. 

Baby blues? Probably. But that doesn't help the every day struggle of wearing all the hats. Mom, wife, daughter, chauffeur, nurse (more like boo boo fixer), pet taker carer (sleep deprivation guys), friend, room mom, chef. Seriously the list goes on and on. 

Jada went on to explain losing yourself is so easy when you are the last person on your priority list. And then when you become the last person on other's priority list. Well it can pretty much come all tumbling down on you. I think losing yourself is way too easy to do when you stay at home with small kids everyday. I can't even count how many days I silently curse my husband because he gets to leave the house everyday. Sometimes I miss wearing real clothes, talking to adults and you know... peeing whenever I want. But I wouldn't trade the (way too early) mornings, slobbery kisses, and incessant demands for anything. Because right now? I am their favorite person. I am the one they want all the time, the one to do all the things for them. And I know the day will come when that won't be true anymore so I am going to soak it up as much as I can. 

Mom guilt can also get in the way. Why is it that mom guilt is even a thing? I need to do a better job of putting myself first. (As do all the moms out there.) Because the statement "If mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy" is real life. I'm naming this year "My Year Without Guilt" for good reason. I'm not going to feel guilty uttering the words "I need a break" as I make a mad dash for a solo Target trip. Or taking the time to enjoy a workout. I've nourished this body with enough goldfish crackers and chicken nugget leftovers.  

I just wish men were smart enough to catch on to these things. I mean I get men are completely wired differently than we are, but does it take a genius to realize that if you have a sleep deprived wife, perhaps sleeping until noon is not the best idea? Is it just me who has one of these? Come on, men. You're better than this!  (Sorry to generalize, but my husband will think I'm talking about him unless I say all men.) *wink

To sum up her point, she emphasized the importance of not putting your happiness in someone else's hands. 

Holy shit. 

That statement really got to me. I am usually a "if my kids are happy, I am happy" kind of girl but it made me think just how much I rely on others for my happiness. And the realization that you are completely responsible for your own happiness is pretty heavy. But so damn true. 

Also, sleep deprivation doesn't help anything. And I know this is a wave I just need to ride out. (But seriously what kind of third child comes out being the worst sleeper you've ever had?!) But true story...

You can't pour from an empty cup. I can't give anyone what I don't have. 

Let's all cut ourselves a little slack this year. 

Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 | Year in Review

I love these posts so much. I love looking back and first off, realizing how crazy fast a year can actually go. 

Here are 20142013, 2012


Obviously my blogging was on point because I only recapped our family photos that happened 3 months earlier. 


We announced to the internet that Baby #3 would be joining us in August! 

Harper turned two and we celebrated with an Elmo filled, delayed-because-of-the-snow party!

I celebrated turning 30 with 30 Things I've Learned in My 30 Years. I love this post so much.

We had the funnest gender reveal party for Hazel and it could not have been more exciting!


I wrote my honest thoughts on being a family of all girls. 

We learned that Harper was climbing out of her crib at the stupid age of 2! 


Not much going on this month except random baby updates


Another baby update, and our Memorial Day recap!


Our baby girl, Quinn graduated preschool. And I was never so happy for summer vacation!

We lost both of mama's sweet little pups that she's had since I was 12 within a month of each other.

Talked a little bit about sanity and balance. A subject that never gets old!

One of my favorite days of the year...Father's Day!  We get to spend it with the best people.

Quinn turned five and we celebrated with a Sleeping Beauty party!


We made serious nursery progress, wrote a hormone filled letter to my husband  and wrote my Big Sister Letter to my Harper. 


Wrote my Big Sister letter to Quinn and the most exciting thing of 2015....we welcomed our Hazel Faith!

Also wrote her Birth Story {Part 1 & Part 2}

And the saddest part (ok, not really).... Quinn started Kindergarten

My tips for surviving the first few weeks of life with three!


Our sister Hazel turned a month old and we were stupid enough to drive 7 hours with a 6 week old to the beach


Recapped our Emerald Isle trip, Hazel turned two months old and had a couple Pumpkin Patch trips! {one and two}


Recapped our superhero filled Halloween.

Our little Hazel was baptized and turned 3 months old. 


Recapped our annual Friendsgiving and took a 70 degree trip to the tree farm!

Hazel turned 4 months old and we celebrated an amazing Christmas at home in our pajamas. (Which will obviously be recapped in January, haha). 

It's been a year and I am currently writing notes on my goals for 2016.

I hope the New Year brings you a year full of peace and love and all things that make you happy. 

Happy New Year!

Friday, December 11, 2015

Hazel Faith | {4 Months}

Well. My infant has decided to go ahead and keep growing and refusing to stay itty bitty like I want her to.

(Also, excuse the dark, unedited photos. I am far too sleep deprived for that)

Oh, Hazel Faith. 

This month was a big one for littlest sister. We started rolling, back to belly and belly to back! 

Blowing raspberries has become your favorite activity. 

And the giggles. Oh, they are my favorite. My favorite part of her bedtime routine is changing her diaper and before getting her into her pjs we have a 10 minute tickle fest which is seriously the cutest thing in the world. Even if she is super exhausted (which she is almost always since we're having a hard time keeping her awake past 7), she always gives me so many laughs and giggles. 

Grabbing her toes has become an obsession. 90% of the time she has those puppies in her hand!

She had her 4 month appointment. And while everything looked good, she did dip in weight quite a bit. I don't know why there was such a huge dip, but I've been trying to nurse her in a quiet dark room ever since because I think she has just too much going on around this house to eat in peace. So hopefully that will help. She did shoot up in height though, so I am not too concerned, but we'll probably start solids in a month and see how she does with that. 

4 m o n t h  s t a t s:

height: 25 inches (71%)
weight: 13 lb, 2 oz (25%)

Now let's talk about sleep.

She has been sleeping in the Rock n Play since she was about a month a half, and as much as it pains me to say it.... she is definitely outgrowing it. She is a bit of a wiggle worm and likes to stretch out so I've been watching her get annoyed at the fact that she can't lay flat. She will arch her back and become so annoyed so wakes herself up. And while the thought of her not being in my room MAKES ME WANT TO SIT IN A CORNER AND CRY... I know I have to. We talked about putting her in the bassinet, but it seems kind of silly to add another transition. She naps like a champ in her crib, so I think I'm going to have to make the switch soon. Like today. 

There's also the fact that she is a paci addict, so I will probably be up 89 times a night....but hey. It's all just a phase. Lord knows I was hit with how fast time goes when Harper was born, so I'm not going to sweat it! 

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