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A Descendants Halloween | 2017

Just like the rest I rest of the population my kids have been obsessed with Disney’s Descendants since it aired. So it’s no surprise we Mal, Evie & Uma were a given this year!
We all know mama loves herself some family costumes so obviously I found the cheapest pirate costume I could and Anth and I joined in the fun. 
And as always.... #AshamedDog was included with a pirate costume of her own. 

We started the festivities at the girls school where they do a parade and party. Harper had her party the day before so girlfriend got to enjoy her blue hair for a couple days! I was fortunate enough to lock down a sitter for Hazel so I could come and help out with the party. Every year I sign up to be a room mom and every year I wonder why I do it to myself. Ha!

These two. I can't wait for the collage of photos we will no doubt accumulate by the time they get to 8th grade!

The next day Quinn had her parade and party and I only got to catch a quick iPhone pic since my camera died on me…

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