Thursday, August 14, 2014

So, it's on the market.

For Sale.

This house that we (ok, Anthony mostly) put our blood, sweat and tears into is on the market. The first house we ever purchased. Were we crazy? Absolutely.

Please make your way here to see the utter and disgusting before pictures. We were young, child-less and looking for a money maker. Four years later, every last little project was done.

It's very exciting but sad at the same time. Our first house purchased together. The one we brought Harper home from the hospital from. Quinn moved in when she was only 2 months old. 

To be honest, the thing that's making me the most sad is the fact that this was Trigger's last house. That sounds so stupid, but it makes me super emotional whenever I think of the dog anyway, much more so that we won't be living here anymore. He did love this house. He had his own room and a huge yard. God I miss that dog. 

Anth (and his dad) did an awesome job. I hope that whoever buys it loves working on landscaping because that is one thing both of us fail at. I can't keep a plant alive and Anth hates everything to do with landscaping. 

The girl's rooms are the saddest to look at because we put so much energy into them when they were babies. 

It's been on the market for 2 days and we've had 2 showings so far. Holy hell, not easy. Three dogs, two kids and a prayer that the cat stays under our bed is quite stressful. Here's hoping that it goes quickly and we can start new memories in a new house. IN A NEIGHBORHOOD. God I cannot wait to take nightly walks on a sidewalk. Hopefully we move into a neighborhood with lots of kiddos and lots of room for more babies :) We've never given birth to a kid knowing that we were going him ego a home that we will be in for a long time and that is something I am looking very forward to!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

My Whole 30 fail. From a bread and cheese and sugar addict.

Leading up to Quinn's birthday party I was really thinking about what I could do to get my eating habits in order. I seriously have zero self control when it comes to food. Like zero. I was telling my girlfriends my entire life is like a Lay's potato chip. When it comes to food, I can't have just one of anything.

I knew I wanted to wait until after Quinn's party because hello? Cake. And leftover cake.

So the Monday after her party I was super pumped and ready! It really wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be because I am pretty good with my meals. Mostly Paleo, sometimes a whole grain english muffin. The hard part would be the snacking, the chocolate and pop tarts.

Day 1 and 2 were awesome. No cravings, totally on track. Day three. We were at Red Robin and I was enjoying my lettuces wrap burger and I had probably the worst headache of my life. I told Anthony I was dying and that he needed to take me to the ER because I was for sure internally brain bleeding. Ok, it was not that  serious, but I felt awful. So I Google'd "whole 30 massive headache" and apparently it was totally normal. The Whole 30 website basically said that the feelings you are feeling are directly proportionate to the amount of garbage you consumed prior to starting the Whole 30.

Well, shit. I basically did it to myself. The night before I started I seriously was so ashamed of myself. I don't think I have ever consumed as much food ever in my life.... and it was awful food. Like leftover cake and birthday food. Delicious.... but horrible.

So I crawled into bed that night praying I would wake up being able to function and with no headache.

Thankfully, it had turned into a mild headache and I felt almost totally back to normal.

So to hopefully not turn this into a book, I will say I totally didn't cheat for....

21 days.

And on day 21 we went to UNO's. And I needed nachos. I blame Anthony for all of this because hello? 21 days. And nachos turned into a full blown cheat meal. Coke, pizza and the largest peanut butter chocolate cup of my life.

I was ashamed. But satisfied. What I imagine a one night stand would feel like. But I was also shocked that I couldn't finish my pizza or the dessert. This is coming from a girl who can literally down a ridiculous amount of food. So I guess it was an improvement.

The rest of the 30 days kind of were a failure. I did pretty good, but I wasn't strict about it anymore. I finished the girl's lunches.... I ate cake a birthday party. UNO's kind of ruined it for me.

So my Whole 30 was a total failure, but I will say it was an improvement to my eating habits. I think I will try and stick to the much more doable Paleo recommended cheat meal every 4/5 days.

I will add that I probably have had the worst workout month while I was on the Whole 30. I don't know if it was me being totally lazy or a complete coincidence, but I only ran like 16 miles in July and I wasn't as committed to lifting. So I am very glad it's over, but would I do it again? Absolutely. Just not any time soon!

Friday, August 1, 2014

Quinn's 1st haircut! That's right. She is 4.

This was my bald little baby.

Also? My ovaries just exploded.

So ever since she started sprouting some precious hair on her head I have been cherishing every brush stroke, every shampoo and condition.

I am a little obsessed.

Until we noticed that her hair touched her hiney when she was in the bath and I think we all knew it was time for this real life Rapunzel to go in for a trim. If you asked Quinn, she wanted to cut it all the way to her shoulders. But being that was her first haircut and I already was having anxiety.... No.

So we booked an appointment with the lady who does my hair because I was not about to let Cartoon Cuts touch that perfection.

She was super excited after we reassured her that no, getting your hair cut does not hurt.

And Lita escaped work for an hour because it was that special of an occasion.

She got herself some fruit snacks from the goodie corner and sat herself in the chair. All smiles! Daddy came and undid her mane while I kept my face behind the camera to hide my tears.

And that was it. The little baby strands of hair that have been on her head since birth. I silently wept into my hand. 

She seriously could get her hair cut everyday if I let her. She was amazed at the whole process. Although she was bummed she didn't get her hair massaged and washed like mommy does. 

So that is the story of my baby girl's very first haircut. I was an emotional wreck, I took way too many photos. I was laughed at for bringing my DSLR to the hair salon, but these are memories! My big girl is growing up and I hate it. While I love seeing the beautiful, feisty and smart little girl she is scares the ever living $*^& out of me to think I have to put her out into the world so soon. School, sports, field trips. I can't handle it. 

I am now in a downward shame spiral over a haircut. I need another cup of coffee. 

Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Balance. Probably what I struggle with the most in life. But like I always tell myself.... if that's my biggest problem we are probably doing ok. #firstworldproblems am i right?

This really wasn't an issue for me when I had Quinn. I still had a full time job and to be honest... everything else usually just got swept under the rug, because all I wanted was to spend my time with her when I got home and on weekends. Cleaning, exercise, etc just didn't matter as much. 

Now that I am a stay at home mom, balance is hard. Like insanely hard. I think I've gotten to a comfortable medium now that Harper is a little older and to be honest thanks to my insanely wonderful mother who helps me with every aspect in life.

But there is always room for improvement and I want to be the best mother I can be and I think the key to that is balance.


I tried working out a cleaning schedule that actually worked pretty well for a long time.

I've come to terms with the fact that I suck at doing laundry. We have too many pairs of underwear in this family for me to go weeks without doing it. Hashtag shame.

So if I could just keep up with that schedule.... that would be great.

Social Media. 

This is something I have been trying to cut back on for a while now. Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Bloglovin. I can't even explain to you how much time I could waste. I am and will always be an insane picture taker. I love having those candid memories of my babies and the everyday things. But maybe of instead immediately uploading things to Instagram, I wait until later to do so. 

I allow myself to check social media 3x a day. Which is totally doable for me. Now I put my phone somewhere that isn't right next to me and try to be in the moment. It's actually working out pretty well,  although I do miss Pinterest. But playing Hungry Hungry Hippos for the 78th time that day always trumps my phone.

Date Nights

This is something we've been pretty good about. My mom basically shoves us out of the door on weekends when we've been insanely busy, or she hasn't put the girls to bed in a long time. Dinner, movies (never both, because hello? sleep) and our favorite... Dinner and shopping. Because how often do we get to shop for ourselves kid free?! Even if we do end up bringing home tons for the girls. 


This is probably the easiest thing for us to balance. Because who doesn't love getting together and having all the children entertain each other? When Quinn was a baby we used to bring the pack and play to Colleen and Jason's house and put her to bed and then enjoy some much needed adult time aka drinking. Now the kids are a little older so we can keep them up later and they are nice and tired for bed. 

Eating and Sleep

Never an issue. LOL


This is something I have to make myself make time for. And it usually happens at nap time. I go to the pool house, lift some heavy stuff and call it a day. If I'm lucky, Anth gets home early and I can go to a yoga class or get a run in. Sunday mornings are my mornings to sleep in and instead I go to Body Pump and Spinning class. Which sucks because I would much rather sleep, but it works. I am also insanely lucky that my mom is the daycare supervisor at my gym, so I get to go anytime during the day and get a quick workout in while the girls spend time with their Lita. So I'm kind of spoiled. Poor Anth is the one who struggles to get time in, but I have a feeling once we move he will be back to his normal workout routine. (That's what a desk job does to you, huh babe?!)

At this point in my life my house is always a mess, my laundry is always overflowing, but my kids are always happy. And that makes for a happy mama. I've made peace with the fact that I can never do it all. At once anyway. And that's ok. For my sanity, for my family's sanity. 

These days have been nothing but chaos with Anth finishing up last minute projects before the photographer comes (LESS THAN 2 WEEKS!) and our house goes on the market. So life these days has been filled with housework, the Redfin app and driving around countless neighborhoods and lots. 

Which I am so looking forward to being over :)

Friday, July 18, 2014

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. {danger inside}

I know I've shared my love for the Anniversary Sale's before, but I just can't control myself. The deals are too good! Here are just a few picks I've seen. Can't wait to hit the sale this weekend!

Happy Friday!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Current Loves May/June

4. Philips SB7220 Shoqbox 5. Forever 21 Coffee PJ's

Since I haven't done a whole lot of blogging, I thought I'd throw up a Current Loves for May and June really quick. It's kind of a gross day today and yesterday we had what seemed like a tornado and hurricane all rolled into one. Sidenote: Thanks husband for letting me know you spent 30 minutes in the rain cleaning up the pool toys, bounce house, bubble blowers and sippy cups from our backyard. 


Anyway, these are a few of my fave things lately!

1. Steve Madden Crossbody Bag. I bought this at Nordstrom Rack for something like $30 and it is my new favorite bag. Big enough to hold enough, but not large enough that it becomes a pain. And the neon color is my absolute favorite! 

2. Almay Liquid Lip Balm. Not sure if I've ever mentioned these but holy awesome sauce. These are amazing. The colors (I have 3) are a perfect mix between subtle and color and they aren't sticky. Nice and smooth and by far my most favorite lip gloss ever.

3. Mala Beads. I came across these on Pinterest I think and found a company called Tiny Devotions who make the most beautiful ones. I started researching the meaning and purpose of these things and I was hooked. I wear mine everyday and have since ordered a few more to go with every color scheme possible. Obsessed.

4. Shoqbox Bluetooth Speaker. I got this for Anth for Father's Day and I think I've been using it just as much as he has. It syncs up to your phone, laptop, iPad, anything with Bluetooth. It gets pretty loud and the girls and I love to take it on the deck with us when we play outside. Anth loves to use it when he's working outside and it seriously is the best invention ever. 

5. Forever 21 Pajamas. I don't know about you, but I feel so much better about life when I go to bed in cute pi's. That and when my bra and underwear match. Like I really have my life together. Just me? These are adorable, cheap and totally cute. 

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Oh, hi.

Things have been super busy around these parts. Like the exhaustion at the end of the day is unreal. The holiday weekend completely wiped us out and needless to say the girls and I didn't even make it out of bed until almost 8:30 on Monday. (Sorry Daddy!)

We spent the weekend at two different get together's with Anth's coworkers and it was a really nice change of pace. I am on The Whole 30 (Day 9!) and it was the hardest thing I have ever done. THERE WERE HOME MADE MASHED POTATOES PEOPLE. More on the Whole 30 later, but holy hell is this is hard.

We spent literally all of Sunday in the car with the girls house hunting. We drove all over Maryland and ended up in a city 40 miles from our house that we fell in love with. It was a brand new development with sidewalks and kids playing everywhere and you could literally walk to Coldstone. Downside? It was an almost 70 mile commute for Anth. We still haven't ruled anything out, but my GOD is house hunting ever hard. It seems we always fall in love with something and then we see the school districts are bad. Or something. We ended the day finding an absolute gorgeous community a little closer to home (not that close, actually) but we both fell in love hard. Anth got to talk to the owner of one of the houses listed for sale and we both just got in the car and said "Whoa". We loved it. So I think we've definitely locked down an area that we didn't know about before and totally fell in love with. So hopefully this puts us on the right path to not being homeless! The girls were actually really good for being dragged around all day and we all ended up asleep pretty early Sunday night!

Other than that Anth has been working like a crazy person trying to get our pool done and open. The pool guys come Wednesday to give it one last good vacuuming and then we will be good! Now we have to focus on the punch list that the stager gave us before listing our house. (Holy hell).

So this summer has definitely been a little insane so far, but we are definitely making lots of time for fun in the process. Here's hoping the rest of the summer will crawl by before I have to put my baby girl in pre-school in the fall. As Mandy put it today, I am trying to see life right now less as "insanely busy" but as "my life is full!". Positive, positive, positive.

I just want to be moved and settled. Then can come the oh so anxiety filled idea of having another baby. But we will take it nice and slow :)

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