Friday, July 18, 2014

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. {danger inside}

I know I've shared my love for the Anniversary Sale's before, but I just can't control myself. The deals are too good! Here are just a few picks I've seen. Can't wait to hit the sale this weekend!

Happy Friday!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Current Loves May/June

4. Philips SB7220 Shoqbox 5. Forever 21 Coffee PJ's

Since I haven't done a whole lot of blogging, I thought I'd throw up a Current Loves for May and June really quick. It's kind of a gross day today and yesterday we had what seemed like a tornado and hurricane all rolled into one. Sidenote: Thanks husband for letting me know you spent 30 minutes in the rain cleaning up the pool toys, bounce house, bubble blowers and sippy cups from our backyard. 


Anyway, these are a few of my fave things lately!

1. Steve Madden Crossbody Bag. I bought this at Nordstrom Rack for something like $30 and it is my new favorite bag. Big enough to hold enough, but not large enough that it becomes a pain. And the neon color is my absolute favorite! 

2. Almay Liquid Lip Balm. Not sure if I've ever mentioned these but holy awesome sauce. These are amazing. The colors (I have 3) are a perfect mix between subtle and color and they aren't sticky. Nice and smooth and by far my most favorite lip gloss ever.

3. Mala Beads. I came across these on Pinterest I think and found a company called Tiny Devotions who make the most beautiful ones. I started researching the meaning and purpose of these things and I was hooked. I wear mine everyday and have since ordered a few more to go with every color scheme possible. Obsessed.

4. Shoqbox Bluetooth Speaker. I got this for Anth for Father's Day and I think I've been using it just as much as he has. It syncs up to your phone, laptop, iPad, anything with Bluetooth. It gets pretty loud and the girls and I love to take it on the deck with us when we play outside. Anth loves to use it when he's working outside and it seriously is the best invention ever. 

5. Forever 21 Pajamas. I don't know about you, but I feel so much better about life when I go to bed in cute pi's. That and when my bra and underwear match. Like I really have my life together. Just me? These are adorable, cheap and totally cute. 

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Oh, hi.

Things have been super busy around these parts. Like the exhaustion at the end of the day is unreal. The holiday weekend completely wiped us out and needless to say the girls and I didn't even make it out of bed until almost 8:30 on Monday. (Sorry Daddy!)

We spent the weekend at two different get together's with Anth's coworkers and it was a really nice change of pace. I am on The Whole 30 (Day 9!) and it was the hardest thing I have ever done. THERE WERE HOME MADE MASHED POTATOES PEOPLE. More on the Whole 30 later, but holy hell is this is hard.

We spent literally all of Sunday in the car with the girls house hunting. We drove all over Maryland and ended up in a city 40 miles from our house that we fell in love with. It was a brand new development with sidewalks and kids playing everywhere and you could literally walk to Coldstone. Downside? It was an almost 70 mile commute for Anth. We still haven't ruled anything out, but my GOD is house hunting ever hard. It seems we always fall in love with something and then we see the school districts are bad. Or something. We ended the day finding an absolute gorgeous community a little closer to home (not that close, actually) but we both fell in love hard. Anth got to talk to the owner of one of the houses listed for sale and we both just got in the car and said "Whoa". We loved it. So I think we've definitely locked down an area that we didn't know about before and totally fell in love with. So hopefully this puts us on the right path to not being homeless! The girls were actually really good for being dragged around all day and we all ended up asleep pretty early Sunday night!

Other than that Anth has been working like a crazy person trying to get our pool done and open. The pool guys come Wednesday to give it one last good vacuuming and then we will be good! Now we have to focus on the punch list that the stager gave us before listing our house. (Holy hell).

So this summer has definitely been a little insane so far, but we are definitely making lots of time for fun in the process. Here's hoping the rest of the summer will crawl by before I have to put my baby girl in pre-school in the fall. As Mandy put it today, I am trying to see life right now less as "insanely busy" but as "my life is full!". Positive, positive, positive.

I just want to be moved and settled. Then can come the oh so anxiety filled idea of having another baby. But we will take it nice and slow :)

Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy 4th!

Happy 4th! I hope everyone has a safe, fun filled holiday! Every 4th of July this pops up in my head. Also every time I think of America.

Thanks Will Ferrell.

Monday, June 30, 2014

Quinny's Cinderella 4th Birthday!

This past Saturday was Quinny's 4th birthday! Letting it sink in that my first born is now 4 years old is a little terrifying. Time is a bitch.

It shaped up to be the most perfect day. The weather was hot, but great. Sunny and no rain! All of the kids were so well behaved it was a little unreal. I don't think that's ever happened. And best of all, Quinn had a blast. It was definitely one of if not the best parties we've ever thrown.

While Anth and I were finishing up last minute things, this one was on the deck squirting all of the guests as they walked in. Nice, Quinn. Nice.

We got this bounce house for Quinn for her actual birthday present and it was a blast. After putting in a million hours trying to get the big pool ready, we gave up and this was a bigger hit than we expected. So thank God for that!

Quinny and her cousin Sloane!

"This is the best party ever!" That was all I needed to melt in a puddle. 

Trouble had fun too!

Giving her hubby a little love. He was thrilled, obviously. 

All of Quinny's aunties and besties.

I can't even control myself around this face.

This may be my most favorite picture ever of the girls. 
Anth would like it noted that they are smiling because he is right in front of them.

Harper #1! The sweetest face.

Not so much a fan of the cold water!

Lily! Or Yiyi as Quinn calls her.

Anthony picked out the cake all by himself and it was amazing. I have a thing with amazing birthday cakes. I told Anth if I am to peace out early in life I want my babies to always have amazing birthday cakes at their parties. Awesome cake just makes me insanely happy. And it's delicious and we all know how much Andrea loves food.

The grandmas!

Playing nicely with the hubs.

Sneaky girl. 

Those wings did not come off until bedtime.


Quinn had only asked for a "horn". That was all she wanted. Thank you Aunt Tessa and Uncle Ryan for making all of this 4 year old's dreams come true lol.

She has been practicing ever since!

Snuggled in between all of the tissue paper as always!

This guy. I know we look like America, but words can't describe how lucky we are to call him ours. He's definitely one of the good ones. 

Thank you to everyone who came and celebrated with our nugget. I am forever grateful for how loved my babies are by so many. 

Hashtag blessed.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Happy Birthday my baby girl.


I can't believe I am typing these words. Becoming your mama was the most terrifying and awesome thing that has ever happened to me. You made me fall in love with your daddy all over again times a million. You are so, so loved little angel and I hope you know it. 

There aren't enough amazing words to describe just what a blessing you are to everyone who knows you. You are simply wonderful. 

You are mama's best friend and daddy's little girl. My god you love your daddy. 

You are the most kind hearted, animal loving, bug hating sweetest soul ever. 

Seriously the way you love makes me daddy and I so proud. You have the kindest of hearts and I hope you always stay that way. I always tell you you'll be a better mother than I ever dreamed I could be. You inherited your Lita's patience and your daddy's overall calm nature. But you get crazy just like your mama. 

Watching you with Harper has made is live you even more if that's even possible. 


I just can't believe it. Were starting a tradition of letting you sleep with mommy and daddy on the Eve of your birthday. You are currently sitting next to me, way past your bedtime, eating popcorn and watching Bubble Guppies. In your Cinderella pjs and your insanely long flowing hair. (I promise I will get it cut this year!) we just love you. Every piece of you. 

You are loved, you are loved you are loved. 

Happy Birthday baby girl. I hope the day brings you nothing but happiness and joy. Spending the whole day with mommy, daddy and Harper usually does that to you though. 



Friday, June 20, 2014

Father's Day Recap | 2014

Well if summer gives you no motivation to blog, I don't know what does. We have been spending our days outside everyday and I could not be more thankful!

We had a pretty nice Father's Day filled with lots of kiddos, lots of food and beautiful weather. 

This is where I just dump in a crap ton of photos because my 3 year old is begging to play water guns. And a snack. And socks.

Is it nap time yet?

Also, please excuse my pants less kid.

I love this . LOVE. She wanted daddy all to herself that day.

Teenage years are going to be difficult. 

And then there's this one.

Classic Harper.

Later that day we headed over the Bay Bridge to have dinner with one of my favorite families. So many adorable and well behaved kids!

Quinn was legit obsessed. 

The Harpers!

This is Natalee. Quinn's new BFF. And if you ask Quinn she would like this
to be framed and put in her room thank you.

It was such a fun day. The kids were pooped and had a great time. And mama may have slept like a baby that night too. 

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