Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Easter | 2017

Easter has become one of my most looked forward to holidays! The girls are getting older and just so much more enjoyable around the holidays that this year they didn't kip a beat!

"Are we going to Papa Grubb's for an egg hunt?!" 

We are so lucky to have our Aunt Tessa who invites us every year to spend the holiday with her dad (Papa Grubb) and her sister, Alaina. Who seriously puts on the best Easter ever. We all walk away super full and super thankful!

We made it to church on time, Hazel only lost her crap once and I would say it was one of the best we've had yet! The little girls took a nap and then we headed over for some fun and food!

I snapped way too many pictures and loved every second of our babies running around the yard and having the best time together. Lots of trampoline time too and these three were done-zo and all slept in until 8:30 the next morning.

Our sweet Maddie wasn't feeling too great but that didn't at all take away from her cuteness!

The most accurate photograph of "Hazel face" ever taken. 

We found our these two will probably be the best of friends when they get older, haha!

Our Nolan! The sweetest boy to ever be born. 

"He is not here; he has risen, just as he said. Come and see the place where he lay."

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!

Thursday, April 6, 2017

My Messy DIY Doormat

I'm sure y'all have seen these doormats floating around Instagram and Pinterest lately! Here's a quick rundown of how I got the (messy) version! 

I bought the mat during my last Ikea trip a few months back in hopes of doing something to it and somehow during the week we painted the deck, it got some sweet tan lines on it. {insert annoyed face here} But regardless I had been itching to paint something and as I was putting the rocking chairs and mats back on our deck I decided to just go for it! I used my Silhouette to cut out stencils out of contact paper and since my husband wasn't home to measure everything like he usually does I decided to eyeball it. Again.... This is why it's called the Messy DIY Doormat. 

Since the mat was so texture-y the stencils wouldn't really stick to it, so I decided to use some push pins and keep them somewhat in place. I debated taking a spray paint can to it, but I thought I for sure would have gotten it all over the place. 

I bought some outdoor acrylic paint from Hobby Lobby and just smashed it into the stencil. I love that I didnt have to be neat about it since I knew it wasnt' going to bleed through since the mat was so rough. 

A few coats was all it took!

I would think those plastic stencils that they sell at any craft store would work perfectly for this project, and measuring will definitely give you better results :)

But it was a quick nap time project and I'm busy doing all the un-importatn things before we list the house in a few weeks!

Friday, February 17, 2017

Dear Harper | On Your 4th Birthday

My darling little Harper,

F o u r .

I seriously can't believe I'm typing this. I have such a picture in my mind of you as a baby and how you made our family so much happier that I am having such a hard time accepting the fact that your off to preschool this fall and growing by the second.

Having you brought me the joy of raising sisters and lifelong best friends. You gave Quinn the dream of having a real life baby doll to play with and entertain all day long. You brought me more hugs, kisses, and love than I ever thought I was capable of. You also brought me more stretch marks, but it's ok, kid. I love you.

You are such a feisty little girl. Your memory amazes me every single day and while sometimes it creeps me out just a bit... I really appreciate your grocery list skills every time I tell you not to let me forget the mashed potatoes and syrup on our Target run that day. You are so much smarter than I give you credit for. I've learned I can't make you do things you really don't want to do (cough:cough: learning what sounds letters make). You just simply do things on your own time and as a by product, have made me CTFD about life in general. You make me move at a slower pace and we've both benefited from that.

You test me daily, but it is so gratifying to see you accomplish things and I can't wait to see the big things you've got in store for you. I am so very proud of you bug, and your Daddy and I love you so very much. We hope you have the best birthday ever and I am so looking forward to our tradition of having you sleep with us the day before so I can be the first to see you wake up a year older.


Mommy & Daddy
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