Wednesday, July 29, 2015

38 Weeks {Baby #3}

How Far Along: 38 weeks + 2 days
Size of baby: Swiss chard? 
Total Weight Gain: I think around 23 pounds. I have an appointment later today! 
Maternity Clothes: I am living in my bathing suit and cover up. 
Gender: Baby girl!
Movement: She actually has slowed down these past two days. Thanks to all day contractions, I am not surprised.  
Sleep: Bad, awful, I am so not looking forward to not sleeping!
What I miss: BEER. 
Cravings: Beer, alcohol, sushi. Still crazy about ice water. 
Symptoms: I was up all last night convinced I was going to go into labor because the contractions were crazy. I didn't even bother timing them since I know how bad they are going to get, but I never had BH with the girls. Once contractions came, that was it, so this is all kind of new and I am in a constant state of anxiety!
What I'm looking forward to: Hopefully making it to my hair appointment this Friday :) And plans on finally painting Quinn's room this weekend!

I am totally ready to get this baby out. Not like "I have all my crap in order ready" but i seriously can't take being pregnant anymore. Nothing makes me more frustrated than not being able to do something for myself or my kids, so I am counting down the days until I can bend over again. The need to workout again has hit hard and I seriously cannot wait to be able to lift heavy things again! And do a burpee. I may have lost my mind. 

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Dear Husband. A Letter from your 9 Months Pregnant Wife

Dear Husband,

When I vacuum under the girls table using the dust buster and I am right in front of you struggling to not give birth, get off your effing phone and take the vacuum from my hands before I beat you with it.

When I spend an entire 90 degree day outside with the girls in the pool and I somehow manage to get three loads of laundry done, a delicious dinner in the crock pot and vacuum the whole house, do NOT sit down at dinner with a bowl of cereal.

When I am telling you my never ending list of things to do to the house/nursery/any room in the house due to my insane nesting/anxiety/overall mess of being so hormonal, do NOT mention what a B word I am being. You will get no laundry and no lunch made for you for the duration of my pregnancy. And probably a while after that. I mean does this really need to be said out loud?!

Do NOT make a smart ass remark about my inability to stop by Babies R Us for hangers without leaving with a king size Kit Kat bar. Even if it is the 5th time in a week I've stopped by Babies R Us for hangers.

Do NOT come home from work and tell me how "hard it was to fall asleep last night". I will seriously chop of your gonads while you sleep. With a butter knife.

DO offer to carry the laundry/vacuum/floor lamp I just spray painted/WHATEVER I AM CARRYING up or down the stairs. Again, I will make you wear your underwear inside out for the next however many weeks because we both know you won't do your own laundry.

Don't get me wrong...I love him, blah blah. Without him we would literally fall apart, and yes he is smart. But a different kind of smart. Not wife smart. Like I sometimes look at him and ask "What in the FUCK are you thinking?" Can men seriously be so clueless? And so smart at the same time? Is it just a game? Are they actually better game players than we are? Let me just say, I am completely aware of what a raging bitch I can be at times, but I think in my current whale of a condition that I am allowed to be. Am I wrong?


Love you tons!


Your insanely hormonal wife.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Pregnancy Must Haves {Baby #3}

Trader Joe's Serum // Coobie Bra // Tummy Butter // Target Racerback Tank

This pregnancy has been the roughest yet, for sure! The worst morning sickness, non stop congestion, heart burn, stomach bugs..... the list goes on and on. Now that we're wrapping up with the final weeks, I thought I would share the absolute must have's this time around. 

Basq Resilient Body Oil This stuff has been insanely amazing. I think I posted about it on a Current Loves but it deserves another mention! I only use this after I take a shower when my skin is still a little damp. It smells amazing. You know what's annoying though? Stretch marks your first two pregnancies and none the third time around. Thanks for that. 

Snoogle My bestie Colleen gave me this last pregnancy and I could not wait to bust this out again this time around. I literally wouldn't be able to sleep without it. 

Tums Heartburn sucks. Enough said. It usually is only at night whenever I move so these are a constant on my nightstand. I'm sure my husband can't wait for the day he doesn't have to hear the constant chewing sound of these bad boys!

Unisom This is my 3rd pregnancy with all day vomiting morning sickness and for some reason I have only discovered the magic of Unisom this time around. The vomiting was so bad this time around I was a nonstop Googler and found that some people had relief with this and B6. I was prescribed Zoran but I couldn't bring myself to take it (thanks commercials) so I took one Unisom and the relief was amazing. It did make me insanely sleepy so I usually took half at night and it lasted a while. On a rare occasion I would take one during the day and it was awful, but it was better than throwing up 78 times a day!

Honest Sunscreen We've been outside pretty much all day everyday and this is the only sunscreen I trust on my face. I used another brand one time we were outside out of sheer laziness and I welcomed about 5 pimples a few days later. 

Trader Joe's Facial Serum This stuff has been a lifesaver. I have the most annoying skin that is never without at least a single pimple and hormones make it a million times worse. I heard about this and it has seriously worked wonders. It's super moisturizing and goes on very smooth. 

Coobie Bra My bestie got me this a little while back and I am in love. I was a little weary of the "one size fits all" but I seriously can't wait to invest in so many more. I will say that Nordstrom Rack sells a copy cat version for $7. (Seriously, $7!) But I will say that the pads that come inside of them are much better made in the Coobie. I still love the ones from Nordstrom Rack, but I will definitely be making more purchases of the Coobie. 

Tummy Butter This is my first go around using this and I am on my 4th tub I think. Super, super creamy and thick and helps with that annoying itchy belly syndrome. This stuff gets a ton of use around here!

Target Maternity Racerback I bought this on clearance at the beginning of my pregnancy and it has been pretty much the only workout tank I have worn all pregnancy. Between this and a few other extra loose tops, I haven't had to buy any maternity workout clothes. It is super stretchy, comfy and supportive. 

Now we are on an official countdown to baby! 

Monday, July 13, 2015

Nursery Progress {Baby #3}

Since we have been going back and forth about moving and deciding a few weeks ago that we were probably better off staying put for a little while (like years) we had about 5 weeks to put together a nursery. (!!!) So in Hastings style, we have thrown every last spare second into the nursery and Quinn's room being that we took all of Quinn's furniture (except her bed) and moved it into the baby's room. 

But first.... flooring! We had to replace the floor being that a certain dog got locked in there and ripped up the carpet about a year ago. She also ripped up the carpet in Harper's room when we first got her so we are kind of kicking ourselves for not just finishing the upstairs in hardwood sooner. 

Anth finished the flooring in record time and I fell in love! We got Quinn new furniture last weekend and moved everything in so that I could start washing and organizing everything. So we started here:

And now we're here!

I've washed all the 0-3 month things, rug is in, now we just have to find the screws to Quinn's old crib and we will be good to go! The matching crib sheet to the changing pad cover is backordered from Land of Nod and I cannot wait for it to get here! I am trying to add a little bit of mint accents here and there so I am off to Lowes in search of mint spray paint today. Here is a list of thing I still need to find/purchase:

  • floors
  • baseboards
  • purchase rug
  • move in furniture!
  • crib
  • hang wall prints
  • hang mirror above dresser
  • curtains
  • curtain rod
  • cut out gold vinyl dots for above the crib
  • make flamingo nightlight
  • Reupholster Quinn's glider
I am sure I am leaving out a few random things but it feels so much better being 36 weeks pregnant with an actual space for her and her things! Nothing makes me happier than being in that room by myself just putting things away and imagining what life will be like with one more little princess. 

4 more week! (OR LESS!)

Monday, July 6, 2015

35 Weeks {Baby #3}

How Far Along: 35 weeks
Size of baby: Pineapple! I have an ultrasound Wednesday to see how big this baby is!
Total Weight Gain: At my appointment 2 weeks ago I was still up 20 pounds. 
I will take it.
Maternity Clothes: Everything stretchy. Everything loose. I miss regular clothes!
Gender: Girl! 
Movement: Feels more like her clawing her way out these days. 
Sleep: Awful. I am up probably 3-4 times just to pee. 
What I miss: Not being pregnant. Yes, I have already reached that point!
Cravings: Haven't really had a huge appetite lately, 
although I have been finishing off leftover birthday cake!
Symptoms: The heartburn is UNREAL. 
Also, feeling like she is going to fall out has been intense! Braxton Hicks have been a little out of control. Never really had these until much later with the girls!
What I'm looking forward to: Getting her nursery together! It is officially painted. A large Land of Nod purchase has been made and Anth finished the flooring this weekend! Now it's putting together cribs, finding an area rug and doing some finishing touches. 

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Quinn's 5th Sleeping Beauty Party!

The birthday festivities are officially over and I go through the same set of emotions every year, every birthday. Thank God. Followed by utter sadness that it's over followed by "Holy crap balls, is it her birthday again?!"

Seriously, time. Just stop. 

I had hounded Anthony all year because due to our complete lack of decisiveness about when to list our home last year, our pool wasn't ready for Quinn's party. So it was open way early this year and of course, it was a hurricane on the day of her party with temps in the 70's. It was so sad. 

So we hoped our massive collection of toys would keep the kids entertained and thank goodness it did!

I had no outfits picked out for these two because I thought they would be outside in bathing suits all day, so I we did the best we could with these shirts I had made for Father's Day and called it a day!

We of course managed to get no photos as a family because we are awful at remembering things like that! My huge pregnant self spent most of the time sitting down and eating. Obviously. 

Quinn and Grandad. Two peas in a pod. 

Also, this was our first time doing Mission BBQ for a party, and It was so delicious, I was so happy with everything and we will definitely be doing that again. And the mac and cheese? Not only for the kids if you know what I mean. 

The cake is always my favorite part of every party! Not only eating it, but picking it out and choosing the deliciousness. And then eating it for a week after. 

Cousins. Minus the birthday girl!

Our paparazzi. Always thankful to have awesome pictures thanks to Grandad!

I love this picture. Babies and best friends. 

It was a long day and we were pooped, but so very grateful for everyone who made it out in the disgusting weather to celebrate our baby. Our FIVE year old baby. Seriously, still can't get over that. 

Now if it would stop raining every day we could resume the hot weather pool time for the rest of the summer and trying to get a nursery together in 5/6 weeks. 

Friday, June 26, 2015

To my Quinny on your 5th birthday.

I can't even believe I just typed "5th Birthday". That can't be right.

Our first baby. The tiny little hands and tiny little feet that made us mommy and daddy. We really had no idea what we were doing with you. We just knew we loved you more than anything in this world and our lives now completely revolved around you and keeping you safe and healthy. 

Daddy was a pro from the very beginning. He's good like that. Mommy took a little longer to finally feel comfortable in a "Mommy role". But we got it. You  and me. You grew up, became one of, if not  the sweetest child I have ever met. Don't get me wrong you have a tiny body full of sass and spunk, but oh my goodness are you a sweet child. How you help mama whenever I need it, especially now. "I'll get that mommy, I know you can't bend over!" You truly are the one who loves to take care of me and appreciates all the little things I do. And I will be forever grateful for that baby girl. 

I melted watching you become a big sister to Harper and my heart cannot wait to see you become a big sister to this little one. You are so excited and I know you'll be nothing but perfect when she comes. 

You start kindergarten so soon, and words cannot describe how much I'm going to miss you. Miss drinking my coffee on the couch watching you and your sister eat breakfast together. Miss our weekly Target trips, our "nap" times together. I can't even think about all of the things I'm going to miss without crying. 

But I keep telling myself how you are growing into such a smart, loving and happy little girl. You absolutely shined in preschool and I cannot imagine how much you'll grow in kindergarten. I will miss you more than you know, but I know you'll be fine. You'll be more than fine. And so will mommy. (I hope.) 

We are so beyond proud of you. You have been so easy going and lovable since the day you are born. You will always hold a very special place in my heart for being my first (of 3!) little girls. We got to spend a lot of alone time with you and that's time I will never forget about. 

I'm sorry your pool party will be spent inside (thanks rain and cold weather in June!), you know daddy wishes he could give you the world. Even when I told you we probably won't be able to get in the pool for your party you sweetly said "as long as my friends come over I'll be happy!" I hope you have the best of days. We are excited to spend the entire day with you baby girl. 

Love love love love you so much. 

Happy birthday, Quinn. 

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