Thursday, April 17, 2014

Someone finally decided to walk!

It was last Friday, the 11th. I had just come back from a meeting with my new boss (PS. Work at home job WOOHOO!) and I was trying hard to get the meatball subs I was making for dinner in the oven.

My mom was upstairs with us and all of a sudden I hear Anthony go "She walked!"

To which I replied... "Yeah, right." while simultaneously running towards the living room where they were.

Let me just preface this by saying she had never even really stood by herself before. Unless I set her down in front of Frozen or something and she was so glued to the tv that she didn't realize what she was doing. This kid had no interest in walking. At all. 

So he sits her back in the chair and this happened.

Excuse 1.) the screaming and 2.) my husbands voice. Apparently that was the sonly thing that kept her coming haha!

Little girl. It's still weird to see her standing. While she's not full fledged walking everywhere she has been getting braver by the day and toddles around when she wants. 

Here's to even more crazy from you Harper. 

Friday, April 11, 2014

Never Make Waves

I heard this from my yoga teacher earlier this week, and for some reason it really, really resonated with me. I've never heard it before and I thought...Wow. Life could be that simple. But people tend to over-complicate everything. Me, included.

Anth and I made a New Year's resolution to include less drama in our life. Which can be insanely difficult at times, I will admit. These past few years for us have been simple. In a good way. Easy going, hard working, full of the love of two special little girls. 

I feel like in life people will make waves all around you. Purposefully, accidentally, doesn't matter. Waves are everywhere. And it's so easy to give in and get sucked in by one. There is no greater feeling than living your life the way you want to live it and freely just riding the waves. Letting others worry about the waves they themselves create. Knowing what's important to you and staying true to your decisions and beliefs. 

So let us all recognize the waves around us. Choose to only ride them out. And hell, sometimes even maybe just not make it into the water that day. 

Happy Friday! 

One a side note, I am running my first 10k tomorrow and will need all the prayers I can get :)

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Quinn Lately {3 years, 9 months}

Oh, Quinn.

My big, sassy, moody little ball buster. I know I've said it before, but whoever invented the phrase "Terrible Two's" didn't know what was coming. Quinn was a breeze at two. A breeze.

Three? A totally different story. You still continue to be an overall easy child. It doesn't take much to please you and you are a relatively happy go lucky child. The moods however? WOW. Like I don't even want to think about your teenage years. {How do I get the wine emoji to come up in Blogger?}

You are sensitive. You get that from both mommy and daddy. We have to be extra careful with your emotions because you make us feel absolutely horrible sometimes when we have to discipline you. But you are also tough. And stubborn. And we kind of love that about you. Well, let's be honest, we kind of love everything about you. Because you are just an awesome kid. And it amazes me every single day that you can literally make me want to fetal position it on the floor one second and then be the sweetest little thing to walk this earth a minute later.

"Hey mommy, I know what will make you realllllly laugh!" Then scoots on her scooter and does a little trick. Adorable.

Our biggest difficulty with you? Your mouth! And your super mind ninja skills. Because holy crap. The things that come out of your mouth are mind boggling, and to be completely honest...pretty impressive. I would be lying if I said we always are quick with a response. Because you often leave us speechless and trying to hide our laughter. Which brings me to the next thing...

You are so funny.

Not just like 3 year old funny, but your comedic timing is on point girlfriend. You love to make people laugh and we wonder if you'll end up on SNL someday.

You seem to be loving food more than usual these days. You still love, love, love fruit. Ever since you were a baby you would go nuts for any kind of fruit. Blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, grapes. Doesn't matter, it's the first thing to go off of your plate. And chocolate. Because hello? You are mine.

You are quite possibly the best big sister I could have ever imagined you would be. It makes me sad Harper isn't as sweet to you most times, although she is coming around. You could strangle that baby with hugs every second of the day if we'd let you. You are just a sweet girl. You love to take care of people and you have suddenly found an interest for turning into "baby Quinn". Which I'm not going to lie, we aren't really fans of, except when you let us cuddle on the couch with you and watch a movie. Then you are free to be baby Quinn as long as you'd like!

You start preschool in the fall which neither your father or I can talk about without shedding a tear. I can't even think about it. But you are so excited and are obsessed with your learning books, so I have a feeling you will love it just fine. While mommy and daddy are going to have to just suck it up. (Again, where is the wine emoji?)

You continue to be my champion sleeper. (TAKE A HINT, HARPER). You rarely nap anymore, but you sleep in until 8:00/8:30 and for that my dear, I could not be more thankful. 

You love to copy things that mommy and daddy say and sometimes the end result is hilarious. Mommy tends to say "You are so cute I can't even stand it!" and you are now known to say "You are so cute, I don't understand it!" Oh and we have also entered the age of a million questions.

I am not exaggerating when I say a million questions. But we do our best to answer each and everyone. Even if it kills us :)

We love you so much baby girl. You are just such a joy to be around and your feisty personality is hilarious to watch. You are the best kid that could have turned us into parents and we could not be more thankful for you.

Sass and all. 

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Harper Grace | 13 Months

Harper Grace.

You are a wild child. I feel like it's been forever since I've had an update on you, so this may take a while.

Let's start with sleep. While you are finally sleeping through the night…. you are waking up way too damn early. Like before 7. And we know mama doesn't function until after 7:30. I realize this is totally normal for a baby, but your sister loves to sleep just like mommy and daddy. This includes sleeping in.
So yay for no broken sleep, but let us work on sleeping until at least 7:00, ok? You are a napping champ though. I can get a solid 1.5 hour nap in the morning and a 2 hour nap in the afternoon….so I will take it.

Food. You drink about 1 of the 16oz recommendation of whole milk a day. And you love to trick us into thinking you love it by putting your lips on your straw sippy cup and saying "yummmm" and then not drinking it. Because that's the kind of child you are. You are still nursing 3 times a day so I am hoping you will self wean yourself sometime soon. When it comes to real food you will eat anything and everything. It seems we can't feed you enough sometimes but when you are done….you are done. As evidenced by the bowl and zippy cup you've tossed at the ground. I would say your favorite food at the moment would be bananas and blueberries.

You have zero, zero, zero, zero…..ZERO interest in walking. And the tantrums to have when we try to make you are hysterical. You are 100% happy speed crawling and cruising everywhere. And I am just fine with that as it keeps you my baby just a little bit longer. You hate your push walk thing, you demand the seat be put down so you can climb on it and pretend to drive.

You still adore baby and look for her every morning. You don't really have any "favorite" toy as you would much rathe raid a tissue box and try to eat that. Other than that you pretty much just love to turn the television on and off and destroy everything else. You have learned to unlock an iPhone and the face you make after you do it is ridiculous. Biggest cheese face ever.

Bath time is probably your favorite thing in the entire world. You adore water and you hate getting out of the tub. You could literally play in the tub with your sister for hours if I let you. You love splashing water, especially in your face. Crazy kid. Oh and Olaf is your obsession. But let's be honest, who doesn't love Olaf?

You are a pretty attached child. You love your mama and dada. Although I still think you prefer daddy because you literally punch me in the face to get down when he gets home. Speaking of punching… are a bit…..aggressive. Let's just say I don't think daddy and I will have to worry about boys when you get older. So keep on feisty pants…..keep on.

You are just a big love bug who smile is so very contagious. We love you to pieces and can't believe we ever worried about becoming a family of four. Your crazy little diapered butt fits right in. And we love you so, Harper Grace.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Big Sister Quinn…and Little Sister Harper

This picture is perfect. Fake smiles and sass from the small one.

These two. What can I say except that they are seriously the most amazing girls. They both drive me absolutely insane, but my goodness. I love them to pieces. 

I am going to still say that having two, especially at 1 and almost 4, is easier for me than just having one. It probably helps that Quinn is seriously the best little helper I could ever ask for. And 99% of the time, I don't even have to ask her for help. If her sister is whining or crying, she goes right up to her and starts trying to make her laugh. Peek-a-boo is a sure way to do that!

I'm planning on doing a "What's new" post for each of them, but these two as sisters?

Just as good as Elsa and Anna. Just don't tell Quinn she looks more like Anna….because you will probably get Olaf thrown at you.

Harper is what we call an "aggressive" baby. As in she loves to hit and pull hair and overall is just a beast baby. A few months ago she still didn't understand that when Quinn was trying to hug and love on her that she should not start flailing her little fists at her. She is definitely getting much better and now she's even started going right up to Quinn to gives her hugs and big open mouth kisses. 

It's heart melting, really.

I look forward to the days of playing dress up, having tea parties and everything pink. Although the fact that Harper is no longer a baby, really….is devastating. Like baby fever has kicked in already. Much less time than it took with Quinn…that's for sure :)

At least she's not walking yet, so I still look at her like my little baby. Like I always will. 

This was a few days ago when they literally spent 10 straight minutes giving each other high fives. I couldn't even with that little hand. 

I love having sisters. I am so glad they will have each other. And that they have such an amazing daddy to share. Because let's be honest. Nothing is cuter than a father and his two girls who adore the living crap out of him.

Friday, March 21, 2014

My Experience with CrossFit

This past November, I begged and begged my husband to let his stay at home mom of a wife join 3 months of CrossFit. "PLEASE! It can be my anniversary/Christmas/birthday present!"

Being that my husband is awesome, and probably just wanted me to shut up…he agreed. All while making it crystal clear that it would end after 3 months. I totally agreed because while I wanted to badly to try it…. I also knew we were basically living on one salary and I didn't want to suck out all of our family fun money. I just wanted the experience.

I first was intrigued by stumbling across the Crossfit Games last summer. To be honest, I just thought it was pretty awesome that these people could handstand walk across what seemed like a football field. The huge weights kind of scared me, but just the thought of someone being crowned the "fittest person on earth" was kind of insane. So I watched. And I watched and I just knew I had to do it. Like, I had to do it.

I also had just had a baby a few months back and I thought there just can't be a better way to get into shape than this?!

So… I did my research. There were about 4 different CrossFit "boxes" near me and picked the one I liked the most after my research. I finally got the balls to make the phone call and schedule my first "fitness evaluation". At this point I had been working out pretty consistently. I had just started running, was regularly spinning and taking Body Pump classes. I thought I was in decent shape.

Well, that was not the case.

My evaluation consisted of doing air squats, push ups, rowing, ab mat sit ups and ring rows. I honestly thought…. not too bad, that sounds totally doable. Um, hello? I totally do Body Pump.

Until I was asked to show them how I did a push up, how I rowed and how I squatted. It was then I learned that this was going to kill me. So to sum it up, I will just say it sucked. I realized I literally had no abominable muscles and I hated ab mat sit-ups. I left feeling a little angry and signed up for 3 months. And that was a stretch because the truth was… we couldn't afford it.

I went through Foundations classes and learned the basics and all about the movements that were used. Then came time for my first class. Alone. Without my Foundations class. And I was petrified. Like seriously wanted to throw up. Like I am not kidding you when I say I wanted to throw up.

But I got through it, thanks to some awesome people and great coaches. And you know all that crap you hear about CrossFit and the community and how awesome it is and it's so different from anything else you've ever done?

It's true. 

Some of my best memories come from my years of playing basketball and being part of a team. The families, the traveling, the competition. I loved and I still do miss it. This was like that but better. Because you really are competing against yourself.

I got over my fear of large weights, and this is by far the thing that surprised me the most about this experience.

The feeling of getting stronger is a feeling that really can't be topped by much.

Week after week being able to to and lift a little more than you could the weeks before. That is a feeling that I think is responsible for so many people getting addicted to CrossFit. Never in a million years did I think I would enjoy loading a bar as much as I do. Although I will say that anything overhead still scares me. Snatches? Still scare me. But in a good way. In a way that I only want to improve and get better as time goes on.

I met some pretty amazing people. And to be honest, that is definitely what I will miss the most. Those times during a WOD that you feel like giving up, or just straight up lying down. Those cheers and screams are what I will miss the most. And seriously, one of my favorite parts of it was finishing your workout and then cheering on the rest.

Since my three months ended I have been trying to do my best to keep up with whatever WOD I can do. My husband has turned our too large for our own good pool house into a CrossFit garage. A bar and some bumper plates, rings, a jump rope, dumbbells, and anything else we can use. I'm lucky he enjoys working out and already had a lot of the things I needed. My one day a week job at Gold's lets me use all the things I don't have at home like kettle bells and wall balls. Growing our garage and slowly buying everything we need is exciting. I know someday I will hopefully be able to make it back to CrossFit Syndicate, but for now this is perfect for me and my crazy no-free-time mom schedule. And I get to do it whenever I want which is awesome. Even if it's busting out 20 squats right after putting the girls down for a nap and finally squeezing in a shower. The best part is my husband has jumped right back into his fitness bandwagon. So it's a nice form of friendly competition and motivation. And by competition I mean just working out, because he is obviously a fitter human than I am. 

So for everyone that has negative things to say about CrossFit (because let's be honest…how many people have you heard trash talk something they've never even tried)…. I've never heard anyone who has actually tried CrossFit say anything negative about it. So my advice is I know it's expensive and I know you can find a million other reasons to not try it. But the experience was life changing for me. As stupid and dramatic as that sounds.

Anyone out there do CrossFit?! Was it as addicting and eye opening as it was for me?

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Life Lesson I Want My Girls to Learn from The Bachelor.

Oh, Juan Pablo. Well let me just say that I am rather new to the Bachelor/Bachelorette. Last season was the first one I've watched since Trista Sutter was the Bachelorette.

That makes me feel old. 

So the finale was this last Monday. And I'm sure everyone knows what happened but here is a little recap. 

Juan Pablo sent Clare home. Clare who thought that she was literally going to get proposed to, be pregnant in a month and live happily ever after. I also have to say I really didn't like Clare at the beginning of the season. But you go, girl. 

Anyway, after a beautiful, perfectly spoken speech (insert sarcasm font), he sent her home. Obviously broken hearted and upset she speaks her mind to Juan Pablo to which he replies... "Glad I didn't pick her." 

I'm not going to really go into this as I would probably go into a long ass rant about how cowardly and childish and just stupid that made him look and how closely he resembles a couple family members that are no longer in my life. 

So blah blah blah... "Nikki.... I like you. A lot. Wink. Wink. I'm not proposing to you because I obviously have issues. Don't be grumpy now."

The end. 

Straight out of a fairy tale? Am I right?!

Now this post isn't about Juan Pablo. Although I could gladly bash him for hours. But "Eees ok."

After it was all over I turned to my husband who was just as glued to the tv as I was and I said "Making my kids be able to follow their gut instincts 100% of the time is something I wish I could physically give to them." 

Because watching Clare and the IMMENSE red flags that were flying after her last date with Juan Pablo and then seeing her go into the final rose ceremony excitedly expect a rose was....sad. Not just sad but the fact that the reality of the situation was staring her right in the face and she chose to ignore it? Terrifying. I think she will agree that not being chosen saved her from inevitable heartbreak. And just overall misery if you ask me. 

And Nikki. Dear, sweet complacent Nikki. I can't even begin. All I can say is I hope she opens her eyes soon. How many women have I seen this happen to in real life?! 


"Will you marry me?!"


I just don't get it. Why women find it so hard to stand up for themselves and see the reality. 

Why are women are so scared of speaking their minds and having an opinion? Which I think is funny because it goes both ways. Anth and I have a very normal relationship. For us. Ask other people? They will probably tell you different. Why? Probably because I am a loud mouth with no filter and if he does something that I don't appreciate…I say it. And I will admit sometimes I don't say it nicely. But you know what? It's out there. And you know what else? He does it too. And the times he actually gets passionate about something and starts yelling things that piss him off?! I couldn't be more happy. Because it works for us. This is how we function and this is how we stay happy. There are no secrets. He is man enough to take it, and he is also man enough to put me in my place when I get a little out of control. Do you know what I find the most unattractive about men?

"Yes, dear."

Now, don't get me wrong. There is a time and a place for men to just shut up. Big life choices, emotions, finances? Not one of them. The times I get the most frustrated with Anth is when he says "I don't care." Because I know he is taking the easy way out and not actually feeling what it is he is actually thinking. And he knows it too.

I don't want to sound like all women need to be all "Hey mother effer, this and that" because that's not at all what I'm saying. Respect is a huge thing and I think we have both mastered being open and respectful. And having children and kind of forced us to be more aware of when these situations happen. There are times I know my place in our marriage is to shut up and take the more passive route. Balance people.

So when I saw Nikki on that couch…..watching Chris Harrison (who is my new hero by the way) ask him such a simple question and have him respond with an emotional FU to the world and to Nikki….. it breaks my heart. How hard would it have been for him to say "You know, to be honest, I am not quite there yet, but I can totally see our relationship moving in that direction and I care for her more than I have anyone in a really long time and she is amazing."


I take it with a grain of salt because it is reality television after all. I just see it as an opportunity for every women to realize to have some respect for yourself. For crying out loud. If you want kids, and he doesn't…guess what? You need to find someone else. If marriage is important to you and your partner never wants to get married? You need to find someone else. I know I've heard those girls say "But we've been together 10 years. What a waste it would be." But you know what else is a waste? A lifetime of unhappiness and resentment.

I feel like a Beyonce meme is necessary here, but I haven't had nearly enough coffee this morning and my 3 year old is currently trying to sneak chocolate for breakfast.


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