Thursday, January 15, 2015

Family Photos...Only 3 months late!

So I am about to bombard you with a crap ton of photos, but I couldn't really narrow it down more than I did :) Also, never will I ever get family photos taken unless its 50 degrees or warmer. It.Was.Freezing. But I love how you walk out of them thinking, "Wow, did we just waste money or what?" because the girls were endlessly complaining about the cold, Harper would have rather eaten dirt than crack a smile, and I was freezing my tatas off. Anthony, as usual was a total machine and kept complaining about the girls being miserable. A bag of M&M's later, lots of blankets and we were ecstatic when we got these back. 

I love our little family of four right now and wanted to capture how insanely fun it is to live with two little princesses who are honestly the most amazing kids ever. I know, everyone says that about their own kids, but these two are pretty amazing. 

Lots of updates coming soon (!!!) so hopefully I will be posting more than once a month. Until then I leave you with an entire album :)

 This little one is a rockstar. My little model!

My heart. 

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 Year in Review!

What.A.Year. I can seriously say no more. This year was filled with ups and downs but as I sit here typing, I am reminded that we made it through 2014 alive, healthy and blissfully happy. This year has honestly been one my most trying. From trying to get in the swing of really being a stay at home mom of 2, to having our house sale fall through two days after we were supposed to settle on it, making big family decisions.....this year was definitely one to remember. 

But I am so thankful. Grateful. Appreciative. This year has taught me how to actually rely on my husband. That sounds weird, but we are both very independent people. God is good and he has opened my eyes to a whole new world. We are ending the year in such a good place and that makes for one happy mama. Here are a few highlights of the year!

We started off the year making some pretty ridiculous goals. I seriously have no idea why I continue to do this to myself. I will shamelessly say I nowhere near hit my running goal of 500 miles. I think I stopped counting after 250 and I honestly haven't run in months. I think I just have to come to terms that while I do enjoy an occasional run, I am in no way ever going to be that person that goes and runs 10 miles. I also failed at my back squat goal of 200, but I have a great excuse and I did max out at 170, so I'm not too displeased with that! We planned Harper's 1st birthday and it went off without a hitch. 


Her obsession with baby dolls started and to think how obsessed she is with them now is just insane. We struggled with Harper and her insane sleep problems, she actually turned one and killed us all with how fast the year went. Her One-derland party was one of my absolute favorites! 


I wrote about my 3 month experience with CrossFit. I wrote about the relationship that my girls were developing and how much I love being able to raise sisters.


I wrote a massive update on my biggest nugget and how much she is growing into a strong willed, sassy little kid. This was probably one of my most favorite posts I have ever written. It has stuck with me since then and I honestly feel it engrained itself in my head ever since. And most exciting news of the year.... Harper started walking! Our lazy little baby. 


I ran my first (and probably last) 10k with the help of my bad ass runner friend, Chlo. I seriously thought I was going to die. I had an amazing Mother's Day eating my little heart out and realizing that staying at home might be the best option for the next couple of years. I talked about how Quinn wasn't exactly ready for organized sports and I just got too excited. 


We celebrated our favorite guy in the world and spoiled him rotten with love on Father's Day. We continued our tradition of eating crabs and carbs with an awesome family we have grown to love so much. My BABY INFANT FIRST BORN turned 4 and cried at the thought of her growing so much. We celebrated with a Cinderella themed water/bounce house party at home. (ps. best purchase ever).


We had an insanely busy 4th, and wrote about the pressure/expectation/whatever of finding balance as a stay at home mom. 


After 4 years of enjoying watching every single, perfect, soft curl grown on Quinn's head....we finally decided to get her hair cut for the 1st time. I failed at the Whole 30, but promised myself I would do it again....someday. Harper turns 18 months old!


Quinn starts preschool and breaks mama's heart at hoe grown she looks. We cut our beautiful beach vacation short to settle on our house....only to end up not settling on our house. A lot of other house stuff happened which I didn't blog about because it's so frustrating I will probably end up throwing my computer. But it all turned out to be a blessing. 


We celebrate Daddy's big 30th and our 6th wedding anniversary. You can also tell my blogging goes to hell around this time because thats all she wrote for October. 


I recapped our HI-larious Halloween with our besties and how much I love this tradition and another massive update on my Quinny girl. 


Oh, hi. I such at blogging and my only New Year's resolution is to be a better blogger. But I will add this family photo that we got during out shoot which I will blog about in the New Year!

I am super excited about what 2015 has to bring. A lot of crazy, a lot of fun, and probably a lot of stress. But all totally worth it. Happy New Year's to you and yours! I hope everyone has a safe and happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

FarFaria Review & Giveaway!

So quinn has ben SUPER into stories lately. As in requesting to be read novel like books instead of my favorite pigeon books that the girls love (and also take 39 seconds to read). So when I heard about FarFaria, I knew she would love it.

We went to the National Zoo a couple of weeks ago and since its a bit of a hike, I handed her my phone and said "Mommy downloaded a new app! Go, conquer, enjoy." 

The rest of the drive was spent listening to her be read the story of of Paul Revere. It's a seriously cool app that sort of takes you to different "places" and let's you explore different stories including books about history, holidays, bedtime fairytales. You name it. 

It has pictures like any other book and then the words on the bottom of the page. And it reads along to you. Quinn's favorite is looking at the blue words as the person speaks them. (In a fancy schmancy accent nonetheless). 

So if your kid loves stories as much as quinn does, you should definitely look into FarFaria! I am giving one lucky reader a 3 month membership to FarFaria, which can be downloaded on your iPad, iPhone and Android.


1. Simply leave a comment on the blog with your child's favorite book!
2. Make sure you like My Attempt @ Motherhood on Facebook, Instagram & Pinterest!

Winner will be chosen on Friday, the 19th!

Here is all their info if you want to learn more!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Holiday Gift List {Ladies}

Every year I make one of these and every year I hope my husband finds his way to it. Never seems to happen though ;) These are just a few of the things that I would drool over this Christmas! Happy shopping!

My two besties and I had a girls night of shopping and dinner last night and it was by far one of the best nights ever. Nothing beats quality girl time with your favorites. We stumbled into Anthropologie because I have been dying for a monogrammed gold mug (finally!) and my friend Jamie tried on that gorgeous sweater (or something very similar) and it was so insanely gorgeous on her and growing baby bump! She seriously reminded me of Cameron Diaz in the Holiday. It was then that I promised them that when I win the lottery we would have an entire day of shopping and buying whatever the hell we wanted.

Hope everyone is gearing up for Christmas! I think we are finally done with the girls and the $20 limit my husband set for his present will probably the hardest thing this year. Merry December!

Monday, November 17, 2014

My Quinny Girl

My little Quinny.

I seriously cannot remember the last time I did an update on you, but I do know it was a very long time ago. You are seriously almost 4 and a half. And I have zero clue how that happened. I can't help but smile whenever I think of you. The baby that was handed to me, that baby that made me a mommy. That baby they handed over to a scared, young me. The day my life changed forever and I knew that this life was not about me anymore. Since the second you were born, I have come second in life. And I happily drink that in everyday.

Although mama would really appreciate a shower everyday, but I take what I can. You are absolute sunshine. I honestly don't know what else to say about you. You have the best smile in the entire world. You are sweet, loving, nurturing, the best big sister. I could honestly go on for days here, so I will try to get to the things that you are up to these days.

School. You absolutely love it. In fact, you love it so much that mama wishes (almost) that she would have put you in school for more than two days a week...for 1/2 days. The hugs I get when I pick you up continue to be the highlights of my week. We have gotten a couple of mini update reports from your teacher. You continue to be stubborn as hell and thankfully the teacher says you remind her a lot of herself when she was younger. Your feistiness has improved, and you are getting crazy smart. Like adding and subtracting smart. My girl.

Growth Spurts. You apparently are in an insane growth spurt lately because on days you don't have school, you have been known to sleep until 9:00/9:30. Usually 8:15/8:30. And I cannot tell you how much I appreciate that. Because sissy does such a good job of entertaining herself in her crib, that it means I don't have to get out of bed until then either. God bless you. You have also been eating like a WWE champion. Tonight you ate all of your dinner and then asked for a snack. And you happily downed carrots and hummus. Oh, you love hummus. Good job baby girl. You are a pretty good eater which makes me feel totally ok giving you all the chocolate. Because girrrrrrrrl, you love your chocolate.

Activities. Since our moving debacle we've had to pause a lot of our extras and I think you are missing gymnastics. We are going to put you in dance this winter and you could not be more excited. Mama was never in dance so mama is probably even more excited. Although I am still pushing for an athlete somewhere down the road.

Big Sister Quinn. You and Harper have started really annoying each other. It's like you both finally realized how to push each others buttons. It's usually pretty funny, due to the fact that you are both insane drama queens. But you are also the sweetest sister in the world and if you could have your way, you would hug and kiss her all day long. Thankfully, Harper has learned to love the affection and you guys absolutely adore the crap out of each other.

Other than these things, you are just an amazing little girl. Your attitude is insane, and I cannot believe that a 4 year old speaks the way you do sometimes, but it gives me comfort for those teenage years. A ball buster for sure. But a sweet ball buster :)

I am so looking forward to Christmas this year. Although I think you might be upset that you won't be getting everything that you circled in the Toys R Us catalog. I am so excited for you to (God willing) become a big sister again in 2015. If I ask you, you say you want two more babies, a girl and a boy. I am positive daddy would appreciate at least one more boy in this house. You will most definitely make the best mommy one day. You just have that in you. Unlike your own mother who is a hot mess every single day.

Love you, love you, love you big girl. 

Thursday, November 6, 2014

My Five Essentials for Everyday Productivity {and just staying alive}

Being a mom of two crazy little ladies, and a part time work from home mama, annnnnd a two night a month job at the gym down the street, I need all of the help I can get on any given day. Oh, yeah and I have an amazing husband that I also don't give as much attention to as I should. So I've locked down the 5 most important things for me that I need to make it through the day.

1. Coffee
Let's be real here. Nothing gets done before coffee. In fact, this is my "warm up" of sorts every morning. I wake up with the girls, get them dressed, changed, brushed and then we go downstairs. The girls either play with their toys or watch a show while I get their breakfast ready. Sippies of milk, breakfast and they are good for at least 30 minutes of quiet. I make my coffee, sit on the couch and go through my usually Instagram, Facebook routine. It's the kind of mindless time I need in order to get ready for whatever we have planned that day. And then comes the afternoon cup of coffee, which I'll get to in a later point.

2. Planner
I could not live without a planner. An actual pen and paper planner. For some reason, its just easier on my eyes when I have everything laid out in front of me. I still use the calendar on my iPhone, but my planner goes with me everywhere. I have been using the Martha Stewart Discbound binders from Staples, and it's worked great for me this year.  But I think for 2015 I am going to cave and get an Erin Condren planner. Because PRETTY.

3. iPhone
I do put all my important calendar events in my phone. Just because sometimes its easier to pull out my phone than my planner. But I also have a ton of apps I use to make everyday living easier. The top ones I use are Cozi and Mint. I use Cozi as my grocery list, which is amazing because it lets you put your lists into categories. So I have different lists for Groceries, Target, Costco, Babies R Us, etc. Mint is just amazing because we have recently started to secure down a budget because we found we've been insane about eating out and spending way too much, so this has been working out great for us so far.

4. Nap/Quiet Time
I know Quinn is too old for naps (although she does take 1 every few weeks), but Harper goes down everyday at 2:00 and I always put Quinn down for "quiet time" around 2:30 or 3:00 because I do enjoy having some alone time with her and this is the only time I get it. So we usually play a game, or do some kind of learning before I take her upstairs. She will spend a little time in bed and then wander to the playroom next door and entertain herself for a good hour. This is the time I do anything extra I need to do... whether it's spray painting something downstairs, taking a shower or simply just sitting my butt in bed and catching up on some DVR. But one thing is always included and that is another cup of coffee. It's like my "recharge" moment of the day where I don't have to go grab anyone'a sippy cups, wipe butts or anything like that. This one hour it totally important to me and really does help me get a little more organized.

5. Post It Notes
I use a million Post It notes. On everything. In my planner mostly, but I use them around the house. I think I am one of the few people left in the world who likes to mail my payments, so I use Post Its to keep track of the day it needs to go out in the mail. Sometimes I will use them when I run out of things, etc and those little Post It's then make it to a larger list that goes in my phone. So it's a nice in between organizational trick for me.

These are by far what I need everyday to get through my day and keep my head above water. Obviously, there are days when things don't go as planned, naps don't happen and my phone dies before lunch. But such is life, and thank goodness we are definitely "go with the flow" type people.

My husband and I have a bucket list item of starting a business of our own someday so I like to prepare myself to be as organized as I can, because my life will fall to shambles if I don't! And if there are any entrepreneurs out there, just starting out, check out Kabbage! They provide small business loans and help entrepreneurs and small business owners with the tools needed to stay productive.

Hopefully this will help anyone looking to get a little more productivity out of their day! Or just make it until Daddy gets home. Because that is my reality everyday :) And there ain't no shame in that.
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