Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Long Weekend Haps

Oh, how I adore long weekends. Especially long weekends in summer. There's nothing better than having Daddy home all weekend!

We had the most relaxing Fourth and weekend and actually got some house things done, Anth worked on some outside projects (slowly getting the house list ready....again) and the girls enjoyed some time with Lita while Mommy and Daddy got a date night in too!

I have been reading my DSLR's manual for a little while now and I finally started getting actual pictures that resembled pictures haha!

This was my very first all manual photo. Obviously not great, but my subject wouldn't sit still for very long and it actually looks like a baby instead of a blob so I'm happy :)

 Saturday we did as we always do and took Quinny to her CrossFit Kids class. My God she loves this class. And they actually make them workout. Which to be pretty motivating for me to see her so happy and excited about it!

We finally got a chance to see Finding Dory with the big girls! And our theatre finally got those oh so comfortable reclining leather seats.

Obviously she doesn't know how to relax and have a good time. 


Hazel did this for a solid 5 minutes. Just ket pushing her face in therefor some sugar. 

The big girls headed to church with Lita and then we spent the evening with Nana and Grandad. Hazel actually stayed up past 8:00 and did awesome.This kid is finally settling into a go with the flow life and this mama could not be more happy about it. 

It was a rainy fourth so we skipped all the parades and decided to take the Middle one out for a solo Mommy and Daddy day date. 

And you guys.... it was amazing. This kid is so flippin hilarious and getting to have her all to ourselves was so much fun. Poor middle kids.  We took her to a mall we never really go to and she ate up all the adventures along the way!

Along with a "Mommy, take my picture here." at every spot!

She really loved the fish tank at Bass Pro.....until a dog sized catfish scared her half to death. Which we of course documented. 


And for the most hilarious part of the trip, girlfriend fell asleep with a cinnamon pretzel in her hand. Then immediately woke up demanding we take it from her.... and nap was over lol!


I love weekends that we really don't have plans for. I was bummed we missed the fireworks this year, but with three kiddos who all dart in different directions, we thought we'd try next year!

Hope everyone had a safe and happy Fourth!

Friday, July 1, 2016

My Big One is Six. And what an adventure it's been.

Six. SIX. How is it possible that this tiny 7lb, 10oz little baby infant that we had no idea what we were doing with is SIX??

I remember so clearly being at the beach with her when she was just shy of 2 months old and writing my very first blog post. Why? Because I knew I would fail so badly at keeping up with a baby book. 

And I wanted to remember everything. 

Three kids later I still can't believe I'm in charge of three babies. Three humans

But I am so, so thankful for this one. Who took the ride with us on being brand new parents and who did it with such ease. She continues to be our only child who is so go-with-the-flow and for the most part.... obedient

The one who has never screamed at me for the wrong colored sippy cup. Never has she been put in time out at On the Border (Harper). Never has she punched me in the face every single time she nursed (HAZEL). 

Just a sweetheart. And I could not love her more. 

So when we took a trip to the mall and happened to stumble (oops, Daddy!) across the piercing place.... girlfriend got excited. 

Like really excited. 

Being that I got my ears pierced when I was in the hospital when I was born, I have been trying to get Anthony to agree to this for... oh, 6 years. We agreed when she was old enough to ask for them not quite knowing how fast the time would really go. 

So we decided to go home, really think about it and bring Daddy back with us. 

GUYS, I was nervous. I have no idea why. I thought she would for sure back out and change her mind. I thought she would cry. 

But she picked out these beautiful little flowers that had her birthstone in it and sat down. 

All while Mama kept snapping pictures of her tiny little virgin ears. 

And while I even had them redo her right ear (COME ON PIERCING PAGODA), she was a champ! A serious champ. Not one tear. And I wanted to cry because look how old she looks!


So a couple days later we continued my favorite ever tradition of letting the girls sleep in our beds the night before their birthdays. Quinn has always eaten it up. She wants nothing more than to be with Mommy and Daddy all day everyday. Harper usually asks to go back to her bed sometime between midnight and 1am, but this one with cuddle, pet all the animals and enjoy every last second. 

And so do I. I love waking up and staring at her little face. Because when she sleeps, I can still see a hint of baby. 

I also forgot this party happened before all the ear piercing fun, but its early, I haven't finished my coffee yet, so I'm not moving all these pictures to the beginning :)

We decided to have a school party for this one since she loved her school so much and all of her classmates. So we did a Pump It Up Party. A Pump It Up Glow Party to be exact. And it was hysterical. 

I for sure thought the kids would flip out once they turned the lights off. We had a couple tiny ones there, but the kids loved it. Definitely worth the extra $20 haha!

There's that angel!

I'll just say there will be tears from Mama if these two aren't in the same class next year!

Her betrothed was obviously also in attendance. We're still pulling for you to go to RSPS, Nolie!

Tess snapped this picture. Of her posing!

So we had a couple of days to recover from that and had a small get together with family on her actual birthday. And it was so nice. 

We swam, we ate. Oh boy did we eat. And we sang. 

These are totally unedited because I'm tired, but at least this post is up before Christmas. 

High five, Andrea!

This cake will forever haunt my dreams and I love it. Probably my favorite memory from this party! Thanks Aunt Jammer for the doll!


Happy birthday, sweet girl. You are so, so loved. We are so proud of the little girl you are becoming. So sweet, so kind. So feisty and sassy at the same time. The best big sister we could have ever asked for. I am so grateful that the two littles have you always. 

We love you so much, Quinn Taylor. 

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

First School Year: Nailed It

First year of real school in the books!

And to say that it flew by would be the biggest understatement of my life. 

I guess giving birth to your third baby in 5 years two weeks before school started 
will do that to you. 

Quinn went to preschool last year two days a week. Two half days a week. Because we were those parents who didn't want her not at home with her mama where she belongs. Boy did I luck out with this kid. I immediately regretted the two half days a week going into Kindergarten. I thought I didn't do a well enough job of preparing her. I was throwing her into all day everyday school. Where she knew not one kid. 

I panicked a little. But then again, I didn't have that much time to panic because again.... baby. 

We made it through the school's Popsicle Playdate where she brought in her school supplies, met her teacher (who we could grow to absolutely adore), and show her around what would be her new stomping grounds. 

Then a week and a half later, it was car line, goodbye. And girlfriend killed it. She didn't cry, she was excited, she loved school.

And on the last day of school? Still does. It didn't matter to me how well she was reading, counting, doing whatever it is that Kindergarteners are "supposed" to be doing, she loved school and that was all that mattered to me. It was a huge bonus when she ended the year reading chapter books, writing complete sentences and just overall blowing my mind, really. 

And also? Not one late drop off

Can I get an Amen?!? There may have been one pick up where I was running to the door literally 30 seconds after they let them out and there also may have been tears, but we are all good. I also remembered to explain to her a little thing called after care and how kids aren't just left to fend for themselves if their mommy's or daddy's are late to pick them up. 

I am entering this summer feeling so insanely grateful that our path ended up at her school. Two years ago we were getting ready to move to another county, ready to send her into a great public school. When that didn't work out we ended up sending her to our church school, the same one her Godmother attended because I didn't want her to go into school, have us move and then have to be pulled out. We didn't know if we could swing it, but decided to make the sacrifice. 

Soon after Anthony got a promotion, we realized we didn't want to move out of our beloved county and I could not be more grateful for God's plan.  Now we are looking to move again and our only requirement is that its close to her school/our church. Having 100% love for her school and how its run and the families we've met and befriended..... makes me a happy mama. 

Now if only Harper would quit asking me when she can go to school everyday that would be amazing :)

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