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Dear Husband... Love Your Stay at Home Mom Wife

Dear husband,
As I sit in my yoga pants with no desire to do yoga, sipping my tepid coffee and watching Moana for 7,614th time in my life with our precocious yet insanely adorable 2 year old, I’m reminded of the almost insane reaction you had to her taking a sip of my coffee last night. 
Or more specifically how you pretend to know better than your stay at home mom wife. 
I mean really, husband. 
I used to be a full time working mom, so I get it. It’s a hard thing having a career and a family. Balancing life is a bitch and none of us are immune to it. But you go to work and do your thing and to be honest I really have no clue what you ACTUALLY do and most importantly I don’t pretend to. But I do know you work hard. 
We are so grateful for all you do. Obviously, we would be nothing without you. We know you work hard, we know. You know we love you to pieces. But do I come into your work and reorganize your tools, or complain about your dirty work truck or start telling you how to better…

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