Monday, July 6, 2015

35 Weeks {Baby #3}

How Far Along: 35 weeks
Size of baby: Pineapple! I have an ultrasound Wednesday to see how big this baby is!
Total Weight Gain: At my appointment 2 weeks ago I was still up 20 pounds. 
I will take it.
Maternity Clothes: Everything stretchy. Everything loose. I miss regular clothes!
Gender: Girl! 
Movement: Feels more like her clawing her way out these days. 
Sleep: Awful. I am up probably 3-4 times just to pee. 
What I miss: Not being pregnant. Yes, I have already reached that point!
Cravings: Haven't really had a huge appetite lately, 
although I have been finishing off leftover birthday cake!
Symptoms: The heartburn is UNREAL. 
Also, feeling like she is going to fall out has been intense! Braxton Hicks have been a little out of control. Never really had these until much later with the girls!
What I'm looking forward to: Getting her nursery together! It is officially painted. A large Land of Nod purchase has been made and Anth finished the flooring this weekend! Now it's putting together cribs, finding an area rug and doing some finishing touches. 

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Quinn's 5th Sleeping Beauty Party!

The birthday festivities are officially over and I go through the same set of emotions every year, every birthday. Thank God. Followed by utter sadness that it's over followed by "Holy crap balls, is it her birthday again?!"

Seriously, time. Just stop. 

I had hounded Anthony all year because due to our complete lack of decisiveness about when to list our home last year, our pool wasn't ready for Quinn's party. So it was open way early this year and of course, it was a hurricane on the day of her party with temps in the 70's. It was so sad. 

So we hoped our massive collection of toys would keep the kids entertained and thank goodness it did!

I had no outfits picked out for these two because I thought they would be outside in bathing suits all day, so I we did the best we could with these shirts I had made for Father's Day and called it a day!

We of course managed to get no photos as a family because we are awful at remembering things like that! My huge pregnant self spent most of the time sitting down and eating. Obviously. 

Quinn and Grandad. Two peas in a pod. 

Also, this was our first time doing Mission BBQ for a party, and It was so delicious, I was so happy with everything and we will definitely be doing that again. And the mac and cheese? Not only for the kids if you know what I mean. 

The cake is always my favorite part of every party! Not only eating it, but picking it out and choosing the deliciousness. And then eating it for a week after. 

Cousins. Minus the birthday girl!

Our paparazzi. Always thankful to have awesome pictures thanks to Grandad!

I love this picture. Babies and best friends. 

It was a long day and we were pooped, but so very grateful for everyone who made it out in the disgusting weather to celebrate our baby. Our FIVE year old baby. Seriously, still can't get over that. 

Now if it would stop raining every day we could resume the hot weather pool time for the rest of the summer and trying to get a nursery together in 5/6 weeks. 

Friday, June 26, 2015

To my Quinny on your 5th birthday.

I can't even believe I just typed "5th Birthday". That can't be right.

Our first baby. The tiny little hands and tiny little feet that made us mommy and daddy. We really had no idea what we were doing with you. We just knew we loved you more than anything in this world and our lives now completely revolved around you and keeping you safe and healthy. 

Daddy was a pro from the very beginning. He's good like that. Mommy took a little longer to finally feel comfortable in a "Mommy role". But we got it. You  and me. You grew up, became one of, if not  the sweetest child I have ever met. Don't get me wrong you have a tiny body full of sass and spunk, but oh my goodness are you a sweet child. How you help mama whenever I need it, especially now. "I'll get that mommy, I know you can't bend over!" You truly are the one who loves to take care of me and appreciates all the little things I do. And I will be forever grateful for that baby girl. 

I melted watching you become a big sister to Harper and my heart cannot wait to see you become a big sister to this little one. You are so excited and I know you'll be nothing but perfect when she comes. 

You start kindergarten so soon, and words cannot describe how much I'm going to miss you. Miss drinking my coffee on the couch watching you and your sister eat breakfast together. Miss our weekly Target trips, our "nap" times together. I can't even think about all of the things I'm going to miss without crying. 

But I keep telling myself how you are growing into such a smart, loving and happy little girl. You absolutely shined in preschool and I cannot imagine how much you'll grow in kindergarten. I will miss you more than you know, but I know you'll be fine. You'll be more than fine. And so will mommy. (I hope.) 

We are so beyond proud of you. You have been so easy going and lovable since the day you are born. You will always hold a very special place in my heart for being my first (of 3!) little girls. We got to spend a lot of alone time with you and that's time I will never forget about. 

I'm sorry your pool party will be spent inside (thanks rain and cold weather in June!), you know daddy wishes he could give you the world. Even when I told you we probably won't be able to get in the pool for your party you sweetly said "as long as my friends come over I'll be happy!" I hope you have the best of days. We are excited to spend the entire day with you baby girl. 

Love love love love you so much. 

Happy birthday, Quinn. 

Monday, June 22, 2015

Father's Day | 2015: The Luckiest of Girls

This guy. No amount of words can express how lucky we girls are to have him in our lives. The most hard working, family loving, willing to do anything for his family kind of man I have ever met. A man who truly would want to spend every second with his family if he could. 

We love celebrating him on Father's Day weekend. The girls get so excited. We started the celebrations on Saturday with our annual tradition of crabs and kids with one of our most favorite families ever. These kids are seriously just the cutest. 

We ate dinner on a covered porch and the amount of sweat I produced during that time was unreal. And disgusting to be quite honest with you. So as soon as we were done we beelined it to the boats and breeze!

The girls love these people. It's a little unreal. Quinn usually doesn't take a liking to that many people, and being that we don't see them nearly enough during the year, it's always the sweetest thing to see when she lets go and has a blast. AKA Uncle Gary for the win. 

The Harpers. Double Trouble, but seriously the cutest. 

Photo attempts always end up looking like this. 

We made it home Saturday in a massive lightning and rain storm. It was pretty awesome. Anth and I put our tired babies to bed and sat out on our porch and watched the storm. The next day was supposed to be all rain all day. Daddy was supposed to have baseball on Sunday morning, but it was cancelled and we woke up with beautiful, 90 degrees and sunny. So obviously it was a pool day. All day. 

But first we smothered him with kisses and cards and the girls couldn't wait to give him presents! Not without Harper screaming "HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY!" as soon as he walked downstairs. 

Mama and I went out to get Daddy some breakfast and DD coffee and then Anth went outside to clean up the pool a bit from the storm. The girls skipped lunch and hung outside for almost 4 hours before Lita came to the rescue with chips and homemade guacamole. Which left Anth and me some alone time in the pool which was obviously spent floating around on the pool float getting sunburned. It was amazing. 

Unfortunately, we talked Daddy into doing some housework being that Quinn's birthday is on Friday and her party on Saturday, so we (ok he) power washed the house and deck because we are painting the porch and deck floor this week. (Seriously, the power washer is my new favorite thing ever. By the time he was done the siding I was screaming "Power wash the recycle bin! Power wash the patio umbrella! Let me get the trashcan!") It was a little sad. 

Mama is amazing and bathed the girls while I quick ate some food and then we all enjoyed a nice little Father's Day cake, because we always have cake. Besides the amount of work that he ended up doing that day, it was a pretty amazing weekend. 

We love you so much, babe. I seriously feel like the luckiest girl in the world that you work so hard so we can have this pretty amazing life. And another little girl to add? I simply cannot wait.  

Hope you had an amazing Father's Day. You deserve the world!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

My Sanity Realization

I, like most mothers have an endless to do list. Usually written on a post it, in my planner or never ending in my head as soon as I take my glasses off and lay my head down for the night... it's like the days credits of random thoughts start scrolling through my brain.

The lists are completely random, from "Do I need an oil change?" to "Did I remember to wear a bra today?" Usually a completely and utterly random list of random thoughts that go through my head.

And also like most moms, I start my day with a complete craptastic and unrealistic expectation of how my day is going to go. Everyday examples include: loads of laundry I will accomplish, a freshly cooked dinner I planned on making and making that adorable Pinterest craft I pinned months ago.

I feel like this constant "to do list" almost keeps me in a constant "anxiety" mode and to be honest? It takes it's toll. I will find myself getting the girls and I ready for a small outing to Hobby Lobby or something unimportant like that and saying things like "We're late girls, let's get it moving!"

Umm...Hobby Lobby is open all day, Andrea. Don't you know that? What causes the sudden urge to make things go faster, I have no clue. Since becoming a stay at home mom, my life's hectic-ness has gone from 0-100 at a rapid pace. I remember the days, mama would come over every morning, I would kiss my baby goodbye, take my to go coffee cup and head to work (5 minutes away) knowing that I would be home for lunch in a few short hours. What a different world that was.

I needed to have one of those incredibly tough, mentally challenging, and let's be honest, truly shitty days to realize that it's ok to not always be in a hurry. You know the days I mean. The days no one Instagrams about. Those days where you yell, scream cry and your kids are on a certain mission to kill you. Then you spill a gallon of milk on the floor and you swear to yourself you won't walk into oncoming traffic.


It's ok to not always be in a hurry. Enjoy the small moments of my 2 year old trying to put on a pair of shorts by herself. Or my almost 5 year old deciding on what jewelry to wear that day.


It's ok if we don't eat lunch at exactly 12:00 everyday. It's ok if the girls don't have a perfectly matched bow in their heads. It's ok if I get no laundry done in an entire week and I send Quinn to bed in a princess dress instead. The constant need to always be in a rush is torture. And the crazy part?

I do it to myself. 

The lesson here? Kids are resilient little devils who really don't need to have a "perfect mom". Not a day goes by that I don't hug and smother my girls and tell them how much I love them a million times a day. Even on days when my parenting is on an ultra sucky level. So I need to start appreciating the fact that my kids are happy. They are healthy. They are pretty awesome kids, even with a crazy mother. Slow down, Andrea. Quit rushing through life. Always onto the next thing. Because let's face it. Wrinkles are no joke. And face cream is expensive. 

Monday, June 15, 2015

Our {sad} Weekend Haps

This weekend was filled with lots of productivity and pool time! Summer is officially here as it hasn't been cooler than 90 degrees all week!

The girls have been a little bit obsessed with the pool and I can't blame them. Plus extremely exhausted kids at the end of the day has to be the best thing ever.

Friday night we celebrated our good friend's birthday with too much guacamole and cheese. Harper was a Lainey-hog all night and Quinn was trying to not fall asleep the entire night!

Lazy Saturday mornings while we wait for Daddy to get up. This cat has become more than infatuated with Quinn. Which is hard for Harper because the cat absolutely hates her. Guess strangling and being an overall annoyance doesn't make you the cat's favorite. Go figure. 

 Also, this is why they love their father more than me. He plays "Princess Parade" with them while they sit and wave.

I took Quinn to a birthday party at Pump it Up a little later while sissy napped and Daddy got right to work outside. She spent most of the time beating the workers with the pool noodles. 

And this made me hysterically laugh. Girlfriend was starving. The party was at 1:30 so they didn't eat until almost 3 and she was ravenous. I must have taken 100 pictures of her shoveling food into her mouth. 

Back in the pool we went when we got home, and this one of course only lasted a little bit before she demanded Lita take her inside with her. We came inside for dinner to see this gem:

While the weekend was pretty awesome, Sunday brought an awful day. My mom has two dogs, Max and Shela who are 15 and turning 16. They are obviously not as agile and with it as they used to be, but for the past two days Shela had been really off and not eating. So Sunday morning my mom took her to the emergency vet where they found that she had a collapsed lung and that while her blood work looked good, he thought she may have had a stroke that was causing her to be so out of it. 

Mama knew what she had to do. Thankfully my mother in law ran right over to watch the girls so I could bring Shela her best bud Max and a pillow from mama's bed so that she could be as comfortable as possible. Poor Anth was at his baseball game and I couldn't get a hold of him until hours after. 

My poor mom. These have been her babies for so long. Especially in the past three years she's been living with us. I know she lived a long, long life, but it doesn't make it less sad. We are crazy worried about Max being that they've spent their entire lives together. They were inseparable. 

We ended the day with (shocker) more swimming and trying to keep mama's mind on the girls. 

Thankfully, Reagan has stepped up and has been spending time with Max. She has been a real trooper and Max seems to really enjoy the company. 

Not the weekend we expected but we are so grateful to have had Shela for so long. This was Quinn's first real death experience and poor girl didn't handle it well. We now try and remember happy memories and how Shela and Trigger are playing in doggy heaven. She is doing much better now, thank God. 

We are not very happy about it being Monday. Especially a rainy and gloomy Monday. But we are just trying to make it to next weekend where we get to celebrate Daddy all weekend long! 

Has Father's Day crept up on anyone else?! I am about to hit up Amazon Prime and do Quinn's yearly video!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

31 Weeks {Baby #3}

How Far Along: 31 weeks
Size of baby: Coconut! (18 inches, 3.2 pounds)
Total Weight Gain: Haven't been brave enough to step on the scale after this past weekend, but still up 16 pounds since the last doctors appointment. We'll see how bad it is at my next appointment later today! 
Maternity Clothes: I am too cheap to buy new maternity clothes, but I am quickly running out of things to wear!
Gender: Girl! 
Movement: Crazy twists and turns. 
Sleep: Congestion, heartburn, nausea and peeing incessantly does NOT make for a good nights sleep!
What I miss: Alcohol. And not being nauseous. And sleeping on my stomach.
Cravings: Not much these past two week as the nausea seems to have made a comeback. 
Symptoms: HEARTBURN. OMG. And nausea. Especially at night. 
What I'm looking forward to: Getting her out :) Anth is buying new flooring for her room this week thanks to a certain dog that loves to rip up carpet. So we will at least have an empty room with a crib and a Rock n Play. Other than that....we are seriously slacking. 

So to say that time is flying is a bit of an understatement. We have been so focused on getting outdoor things done that we really haven't made any time to baby prep. We have a new driveway being installed (hopefully this week, because seriously? Driveway people are the worst.) We've been actually planting things and using grown up things like mulch and Anth is tackling our disgusting dry rotted flower beds in the next couple of weeks. Quinn's party is less than 3 weeks away, so we figured we'll go all out for that and then focus on the impending birth of baby #3. (Sorry, kid.) We at least decided to not worry about selling the house at least for another 6 months or so, but want to make it as ready as it can be, in case we find something we absolutely love and then we can put our house on the market as quickly as possible. Who would have thought being an adult could be this UN-fun?!

I need a margarita and massage asap. 
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