Quinn’s 1st Communion

Last weekend our biggest little angel had her very first communion! I seriously don’t know how we blinked and got to this huge milestone, but we were all very excited to celebrate our oldest. I was so excited to do all the “mini bride” things like picking out her dress and shoes and it made me realize how insanely ecstatic I’ll be when that time actually comes 😂 I'm not sure I can say the same about Anth!

We took advantage of having a 1:00 communion and Quinn got to enjoy her first softball game of the season! She has seriously blossomed this year and I actually look forward to those long games, haha!

After a quick shower and hair do for the big girl, we made our way over to the church and first thing she saw was her teacher! Who also taught her godmother by the way. Cray.

All checked in and ready to go we made our way inside and I just couldn't stop taking pictures of her and lookin gat her in complete awe of how grown she was. Daddy per usual got the good seat while I tamed the beast aka Hazel.

She did great! 

Am I seriously the luckiest mama ever!

With her godparents, Aunt Tessa and Uncle Ryan! I am framing this one for sure :)

Nana and Grandad

GG and Pop

And Lita!

We were missing Hazel who refused to take the photo and Connor!

The Ainsworths with all their children lol!

Good try guys.

My beautiful girl.

 We made our way over to get some food and I could not stop obsessing over these two!!!

Sugar Bakers never disappoints!

It was the perfect day. Thank you to the best family ever for celebrating and for spending the day with us! 


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