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When we had Quinny, we were almost done remodeling (and by we I mean my husband and father in law) our new home. We had bought a beautiful house, with an inground pool, on an acre of land about 2 miles from where I work. Sounds perfect, right? And look at how cute it looks from the outside:

Problem was it was a foreclosure and did not have one thing in it. Not even a toilet. Ok I lie, one toilet but it was far from useable. The previous owners had ripped out and destroyed everything in an angry rage against their bank I guess. They even left this beautiful piece of art work in the kitchen:

Here are a few before pictures of the beauty:

Just a little preview of how bad things really were. We had our work cut out for us, huh? I have to take some recent pictures of it, but we finally were able to move in when QT was about a month old. Needless to say, the only thing I cared about was getting her room done! I would say the house is about 85% complete, and could not be happier. My husband and his dad did an amazing job. They seriously have done everything to the house, nobody was hired to do anything (except the HVAC). Thank goodness for handy husbands :) Here are some progress pictures:

My FIL's trusty sidekick, Nero

I will try and take some new pictures, but I am still not 100% done with the decorating, etc. so I want to hold off. Now we tackle the outside, and our goal is to have the pool done by QT's first birthday :) Definitely a work in progress...


  1. OMG, take some new pictures woman, lol! You guys really had your work cut out for you there... I thought our house was bad!

    Can't wait to see it =)

  2. Haha, I know! I will try and take some this weekend after I clean, which I desperately need to do :)

  3. Stopping in from thebump. I love the (start) of your kitchen! The counter tops look gorgeous with the paint color and the cabinets!


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