First Night in Crib was......

A SUCCESS!!! I could not believe it! I hope I am not jinxing myself with all of this excitement. We had a wonderful weekend in West Virginia and Quinny slept ok in her Pack n Play. Since her glider finally arrived last week, we figured Sunday night would be a perfect time to start a "routine". We were just going to try the "Bath, Bottle (boob?), Book, Bed" routine. QT has never been one to be calmed by bathtime. For some reason she always seemed unsettled every night we gave her a bath, but I was determined!
So last night, we gave her a bath, and then we settled into her glider for a little while. I fed her and she passed out. I still wanted to read her a book, so I did, but I don't think she was really interested being that she was half asleep. I kissed her goodnight, put her in her crib and closed the door. She was out like a light. I didn't get my hopes up because she has tricked us like this before.....but Oh.My.God. she was OUT! We spent the first hour just staring at her on the monitor waiting for her to move. I was being that mom who was paranoid about not being able to see her breathe. I have been
exhausted lately and I guess I finally passed out myself. I did not wake up until 3am! Which is her usual time she gets up to eat. I was in shock. I can't tell you how many times I am used to waking up to stick the pacifier back in her mouth, turn her Sleep Sheep on, etc. I seriously could not believe it. So I went in and nursed her, put her right back to bed and she was out until 7:30. Not a peep. When she finally woke up I smothered the girl in kisses and screamed with joy. A full night with no pacifier, no soothing. Although she did wake up in the totally opposite direction I ad put her in at night. I am sure the girl was just happy to be able to stretch out and not hit the bassinet.
I was so rested this morning, it was fabulous. Please Lord, let this be the beginning to some beautiful sleep...



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