My Favorite Things.....

I thought I would make a list of things that we just could not do without. It occured to me this morning as I was trying to eat breakfast and tend to Quinny at the same time that I would just die without her Exersaucer. So I decided to put together a little list of things that we just could not do without!

First off, the Boppy.
We have used this since day one! We brought it to the hospital and it helped a ton with nursing. We still use it everyday and she loved to sit in it and stare at our ceiling fan :) It also offers your arms some rest when you have a dead weight, sleeping baby in your arms.

Graco Pack and Play:

We were still in the process of renovating our home when QT was born, so she didn't have a nursery. We had a big bin we put all of her stuff in and this pack and play was everything! She slept in it (ok so she slept on me most of the time), we changed her on it, etc. We couldn't have survived the time we spent waiting to move into our house without this! We now keep it in our living room and it comes in very handy for naps, changings, all that good stuff.

Fisher Price My Little Lamb Swing:

We started using this when QT was around 3 weeks old. It was perect for keeping her distracted while I ate my breakfast. I still put her in this every morning while I grab a bite to eat and she will even take the occasional nap in there too.

Fisher Price Seahorse:

I have a love/hate relationship with this seahorse. I read everywhere how wonderful it was and how it "magically" put babies right to sleep. Crap. We tried using this when QT was an itty bitty thing and she didn't really care for it. She preferred an iPod much, much more and still does to this day. It ended up being thrown against the wall at some point :) Now that she is a little older and much more curious about everything, it seems to work a lot better. I think she likes the light and just stares at it and her eyes start to get heavy. We keep it in her bassinet and when she starts fussing and it't too early for mama to wake up, I turn it on and it usually gives me a good 30 extra minutes of sleep!


This is a lifesaver! We keep it in the bathroom and QT loves to watch me do my hair, put on my makeup every morning. She has gotten big enough to make herself bounce, and she loves staring at the window in the bathroom. I have also just sat her in this when I need a quick shower and no one is home. We play peek-a-boo the whole time and she loves it!


We have the Summer Infant Slim and Secure monitor. We are going to be transitioning QT to her crib soon and will probably use it a ton more, but we still use it all the time now. The quality is realyl good and I could just stare at it forever. I love me a sleeping baby :)


We just got this a couple weeks ago and she could not be more in love with it. She is about an inch too short for it but she could be in this thing all day. I know it says to not use it until they are 4 months old, but the kid has insane head control. Everthing lights up and plays music and she loves being destructive with it. I can eat my meals in peace with her in here!


My newest obsession. I love watching her "sit up" in this, it makes her look like such a big girl! She loves it too. I use this when I am cooking or in the kitchen and she can happily watch me get some things done. I usually give her some rattles and she will entertain herself. What a good baby.

These are just a few things that we use on a daily basis. I have a million other little things I love, like our bottle warmer, sterilizer, etc. but these are necessities!


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