Quinny's Baptism

Sunday was an awesome, but very exhausting day! We got QT baptized in the morning and she was a doll!! I was so proud of that little girl. Depsite the fact that we woke her up from her morning nap to get her ready, and she didn't sleep at all in church, she was a complete angel. She happily sat with us and watched everything go on. She had a good time chewing on her dress and on daddy's tie too. She was exhausted and the girl was just too excited to nap! Anth and I were completely drained by the time our last guest left because we had spent all weekend getting the house ready. It was a good excuse to get some things done around the house, like hardware on the kitchen cabinets, hanging some pictures, finishing touches on QT's nursery. But it was all worth it. I love having all of my friends and family in one room. You can't beat that :)

My father in law has all of the good pictures, so maybe I will update this post when I can get my hands on some!



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