Tired. Exhausted. Drained. ZzzzZZzzzz...What I wouldn't give for 8 hours of straight sleep. Shoot, what I wouldn't give for 6 hours straight sleep! QT used to be such an easy baby to put down for the night. She would eat, pass out and not wake up until 4, eat, go right back to sleep and then wake up for the day around 7:30. What the heck happened?! We thought she was having some kind of growth spurt so we just rolled with it for a little while. Then on Tuesday night she was an absolute angel! I fed her, put her to sleep while she was still awake, and then she had fallen asleep within 5 minutes! I thought the worst was behind us. Enter last night. We had a screaming baby who would only calm down once you picked her up. Oops. Spoiled much? Probably! But she was so tired she would do that half cry/whine while her eyes were closed. Poor thing. And poor mama. I just have zero energy these days, and although I would love to drown myself in coffee all day, I can't. Then I have to come to work and pretend to work :)

We are headed to WV this weekend with Colleen, Jason, Brenna and Bailey. I am SO excited! It is #1 on my places of relaxation. Hopefully QT will behave and mama can catch up on some sleep :)



  1. ahhh i'm with you! Good luck- your LO is about 6wks older than mine guess we can only hope right? Love the pic for Y3W

  2. Thanks! Hopefully we can all start getting some sleep :)


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