Looong Weekend & Update

The Monday after Thanksgiving is horrible. It's as necessary to have off today as it is the Friday after Thanksgiving. Tuesdays are even worse. I find them to be completely useless!

We had an amazing Thanksgiving and long weekend. Quinny had an eventful weekend filled with family, friends and.......her first taste of rice cereal. The kid hates it. We were shocked being that she drools like a monster and stares at us with every bite of food we take. But I guess it's just something new she hasto get used to. Apparently they make flavored rice cereal, so we are going to try some of that. Here are a few pictures from the weekend.

And our little QT turned 5 Months old on Friday! Seriously? 5 months already?? She is getting to be such a big girl. Sitting up all by herself, grabbing everything in sight, giggling like a crazy person. I never believed people when they said time goes by so much quicker when you have kids, but they sure are right :(

That face :)



  1. Awww she is so adorable. Happy 5 month birthday, Quinn! It really does go by way too fast.


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