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I can't believe it's already Thanksgiving next week!!! Now I have never been the crazy kind of person who get uber excited for Christmas or listens to Christmas music 24/7 but something about this yearhas me all kinds of excited!!! Maybe its our new house, that I plan on lighting up like a freaking ginger bread house, or Quinny who I just can't seem to stop shopping for? Whatever the case, I can't wait until Thanksgiving is over and I can bust out all of the decorations! (If I can find them in the mess of boxes in the garage) We are headed to our cousins house this weekend to have some pictures taken of all the grandkids for Christmas gifts! I still have to find an adorable little outfit for QT. Not really need to, but who doesn't love an excuse to shop?

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  1. Hopping over from Jenni's blog. Enjoy shopping and the photo shoot.

  2. It's the munchkin. I have never been this excited for Christmas since I was like 6, but shopping for them is exciting

  3. YAY YAY YAY :) I'm so super excited for Christmas this year!!

    Have fun!


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