Christmas Stress!

Why is it that I have only purchased maybe 3 gifts, yet last night I got sucked in by RueLaLa and ordered myself a new coat? I have a problem! We are trying to be mindful of our spending this year and I am just blowing it. I love Christmas, seriously, Love it. But it is so stressful to try and find everyone gifts. My best friend Tessa is the best gift giver. Seriously, she puts a lot of thought into and she knows how much I will love something. I return the favor usually with a gift card. It's pathetic. I really need to make a list of things and just go and find them. But it's too hard! I took off of work on Friday and Monday so my goal is to have all shopping done by then. Lord help me...



  1. ugh... I know how that goes. I have started doing my shopping all year long. If I see something that I know someone will love, I get it and stash it until Christmas. That way I don't have that frantic, mind-numbing process of thinking of gifts for everyone!


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