Quinny's First Christmas

What an exhausting few days these have been. But boy did we have the best couple of days with our little girl :) The holidays work out perfectly with Anth's family and mine because my mom does Christmas at midnight so we always go to Anth's grandma's house for dinner and then head to my moms where we try our best to stay up until midnight and open presents. Then we usually eat a nice big second dinner in the middle of the night. Its lovely. This year was a little different being that it was just my mom, Quinny, Anth and me. So we got to my mom's and let Quinny go at it with her presents! Boy did she love that wrapping paper!

Of course all the presents from Lita had Spanish setting on them and we didn't even realize that when we bought it! After letting her stay up a little later than usual, we put her to bed and then got our butts on the couch with some wine and food. It was awesome. All of us ended up falling asleep I was woken up by my mom at midnight. I felt like a little kid! Anth had fallen asleep upstairs of course, so we all woke up and opened our presents. It was awesome. I can't wait until we can wake up Quinny at midnight and have her open up all of her presents. We headed home around 2 and immediately fell asleep! Thank goodness Quinny let us sleep in until 8:30. We then woke up Daddy and went downstairs to have our own Christmas morning. Growing up I never had the "Christmas morning" like everyone because we did the midnight thing, so I am excited that we will be able to do it with Quinny. She had a blast opening more presents (and so did I). We hung out for a while and then started getting ready to go to Anth's grandma's again for Christmas dinner and more presents. This kid has like 78 Christmases I swear. So all in all it was an exhausting but awesome Christmas experience. She did really well with the hectic schedule and lack of naps/sleep. Our little angel. And of course some pics from the weekend!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas :)



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