Your Three Words

Anth and I finally agreed on much we needed a good quality camera a couple months ago but never really wanted to dish out the money for one of those super expensive ones. I honestly didn't think I had the energy or time to learn how to use one of those insanely gadgety ones so we decided on the Olympus Pen. (I won't lie, the commercial was very convincing). Well we got a great deal on a bundle on Cyber Monday and Oh.My.Goodness. This is the best purchase we have ever made! I am obsessed with taking pictures of Quinny. Seriously, all the time. I think I average about 20 picture a day. I do have a lot to learn. I am more of an "Auto" picture taker, but I love how they all came out anyway! I can't imagine the pictures coming out any better. Here are a few of my new favorites :)

I know, I know. Not a baby. But he photographs to well!

Ok that was a lot. But seriously, how cute is she?!



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