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Seriously. It's gotten a little out of control. I am usually pretty good about keeping it together but for some reason, I just haven't had the time or energy I guess. It's bad. I realized this when I was brushing my teeth and could barely see myself through the toothpaste, fingerprints and dirt that were smeared all over my bathroom mirror. Ew. So I have decided that this weekend I will go into full house cleaning and throwing away mode. I will get all laundry done. I will clean out the garage that is full of moving boxes. And I will finally put my nutcracker, that has been sitting in our hallway for months, away. Yes that's right, I still have Christmas decorations up. My lights are still on outside. I am a disgrace, and I have made my peace with that :) Hopefully the hubby can lend a helping hand. Pretty optimistic, huh? I will probably get sucked into some sort of Jersey Shore marathon and I will be lucky if I get the dishes done. But here's hoping!
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  1. hey lovie!! i gave you a stylish blogger award over at Sweet Stellas!

  2. You do not even want to see my house. Disgusting.

    Thanks for playing mama and PS- if you hit the "scale to size" {or something like that} check box when you upload your header, it will make it fit up top perfectly! It's very pretty!!!

  3. Ahhh thanks Shan!!!!

    And thank you Jenni- I hadnt even noticed LOL


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