Morning Sitter

So Quinn has been a little ball of crazy active lately. She is moving around like a champ, sitting like a big girl, and now has apparently mastered the art of getting from belly to sitting all by herself. Quinn used to sleep until 8 most days, 7:45 at the earliest. Not anymore. That's for little babies. Now this kid is up between 6:45 and 7:00. Lucky for us she is content to just kind of hanging there for a while, which is great for me because I wake up at 7 to get ready for work. So the other morning I saw she had woken up but was entertaining herself. I have the monitor in the bathroom with me while I'm putting on my makeup and I look down to see this:

I was shocked. First of all, the girl is in a sleep sack. That couldn't have been easy! Second, she had maybe done this one or two times before this so I didn't think she was such a pro. So I couldn't resist walking in there to catche her in the act. I wish I could show you the whole video because the end is the funniest part.

I guess the days of plopping her down and trying to get things done are long gone :)



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