Big Weekend in Our Household!

So Friday was a day that neither of us wanted to go through. Our little nugget was scheduled to have her blood drawn at 5:00. I think we both felt like we were going to vomit. She does pretty well with shots, but we were more concerned with the fact that this little girl rarely sits still. So I get there first and sign her in. Thank goodness we were the only people there and the girl behind the desk was as sweet as could be. So once Anth gets there, she tells us to come on back and I am trying to hold back tears like a big wimp. Quinny of course is just looking at everything in amazement. So I sit down in the chair holding her, and Anth is instructed to hold her arm still. I had one of those "I really don't want to look, but I cant help but look" moments. She lets out a big whine and that was that. I think she was more irritated that she couldn't move her arm because as soon as it was over, all smiles. Go figure. We spend an entire week complaining and trying to find any excuse to not do it, and she takes it like a champ. I'm going to go ahead and say that she gets that from her father :)

So, then Saturday was the day we (I, really) have been waiting forever for! SHE FINALLY SAID MAMA! After months of trying to get a mama or dada out of her she started saying Baba (where the heck did she hear this?) a couple days ago. Then all of a sudden she goes "mom". I've heard it maybe 5 times since, she still prefers baba but I will take it!

Since it was the first day of spring yesterday, I decided to do a little (a lot) of cleaning! We finally ordered curtains, bought some more house stuff and are inching closer and closer to a prettier and more organized house. We bought lamps for our bedroom and a few other things, but it finally feels like our house is coming together. Next step is finally painting our guest bathroom and hanging the mirrors.

Whew. A lot of work to go before Quinny's first birthday!



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