Your Three Words

We have been living in our house for about 7 months now and it is getting to the point where I really need to finish unpacking and getting organized. We still have 2 living rooms combined in our one now large living room and while absolutely functional, not exactly what I had pictured. In our old house we had a formal living room and we had the hubby's tv room downstairs. (My) formal living room was beautiful with cream colored couches and Anth had a dark greyish blue sectional. So all of these couches are now in one our living room and I am ready to get the sectional out of there. We have a room downstairs we still have to tile, which will be Anth's "Mancave" type room and I can finally get started with decorating my living room!

But what I am really excited about is that we FINALLY ordered some bedroom furniture! Actually we will order it on Sunday but still. I am thrilled. We have been sleeping on our mattress and box spring for pretty much our entire marriage. Me + Anth + our 130 pound dog kind of killed our bedframe early on. So I am looking at this purchase as the official "Get your butt into decorating gear!"



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