Easter was a blast! It was a very long day, which consisted of only a few short naps in the car. She did great though! Church was my biggest fear being that this kid always wants to be on the move and hates to sit still. And be quiet :) But thank goodness there was a baby behind us and she spent her time waving at everyone. Daddy did have to take her outside for a little bit at the end because she was getting a little too vocal! After church we headed home for a bit because we had planned on feeding her lunch before heading to Anth's grandma's house. She fell asleep in the car and was still asleep in her carrier when we brought her inside so we decided to just go with it and take her to Grams. She was non stop until we left at around 7! I am so surprised she didn't sleep until 10 the next day!

Here are a few pictures:



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