My Little Nugget These Days

First off, this is parental fail of the year! I thought she would love it and she did for a while, but then BAM! The stupid gorilla starts banging on the box and scares her half to death :( We had to fill the cart with toys after that!

Anyway, my little girl is almost 10 months old. I cannot believe it. We are in full mode birthday planning! I have her cupcake toppers made, her banner was ordered and arrived last week. I am getting all the stuff I need for her invitations this week and plan on finishing them up by the end of the month. Anth finally started the process of cleaning up the outside this past weekend. Since our house was a foreclosure they had this hideous wood/fence combo thing covering the entire pool and he spent hours taking it all apart. Now our pool looks beautiful! (Of course minus the dirt filled water) I am so excited to get things going. We are slowly making the last minor improvements to our house. We still need to paint a few rooms and I need to buy rods to put up the curtains I bought a month ago, but it is slowly getting there!

Quinny is all over the place! Literally, the girl cannot sit still. She crawls, pulls up, cruises everywhere. She is too cute for words though and I love this age so much. She is a smiley little thing and her favorite thing to do is give kisses. It is beyond adorable. She knows to put her hands in the air when we say "Arriba!", she says mama and dada all the time, even though baba is her favorite. She eats like a champ, eating more and more big people food everyday. She loves water in her sippy cup. Going to the park and getting in the swing is her favorite thing. When I take her for jogs in her jogging stroller she is the biggest motivator ever because she goes "Wheeeee!" whenever I actually start running. She loves her daddy more than words can describe and it melts my heart every time. I had a dentist appointment last night and I walk in to find this:

She actually started climbing stairs this past week. Unbelievable. She is an active, healthy little girl and we couldn't feel more blessed. We are already talking about baby #2 and it scares me a little. In some ways I would love it if Quinny was our little golden child but we both know we want her to have lots of little brothers and sisters. It's just crazy how fast time goes.


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