11 Months

I realized I have been awful at keeping up with posting Quinny's months and stats. But I am on it today! My little nugget is 11 months old today. Unreal. It makes me so sad to think that we will be celebrating her first birthday in just a few short weeks. My little, tiny, 7 pound, 10 ounce baby has grown up into an independent, feisty and lovable little girl. We are so in love with her, it's ridiculous.

She has been a busy little bee these past couple of weeks. She still only takes 3-4 steps at a time, but she stands up all the time. She loves to grab two toys in her hands and stand straight up! She loves her swing, loves to be outside and loves Trigger and Olivia more than words can say. She eats like a champ, sleeps like a champ and gives kisses like there's no tomorrow. She can say bubble, mama, dada, ball and then of course her usual giggles/screams. She has turned into this little person with a serious attitude lol. She knows what she likes and she knows what she doesn't like! She is a beautiful, happy and most importantly healthy little girl. So without babbling on any further, I give you her 11 month picture :)

I don't think I am ready for the next month!



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