Current Love!

This has to be one of my absolute new favorite things! Let me just first say that I am a nail polish addict. I love manicures, I love painting my nails, and my husband despises the smell. So, I heard about these cool new Sally Hansen sticker nail polis things, that are apparently made of real nail polish and they come in a million cool designs! So I finally broke down and spent the $8 on them. I really wanted a cool pattern looking one, but decided that might be a bit overkill, so I went with sparkly blue. (A lot less subtle, huh?)

Oh.My.Goodness. First off, it took me maybe 10 minutes to put them on, I (Anth) didn't have to deal with the smell of nail polish, I didnt have to wait for them to dry and....they have been on almost an entire week and look!!!

They look exactly the same as the day that I put them on. How great is this?!? Super bonus for having a coupon for these too (at!).


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