Your Three Words | Biggest Loser Finale

Ok, so not the real show. But if you remember from this post our Relay for Life team at work has finally wrapped up our Biggest Loser Challenge. I am happy to say that it only took me 4 months to lose 7 pounds! Haha! Seriously though, I am thrilled. I never thought I'd lose anything, but being that I have gotten into a serious exercise routine, I don't care about the weight! That is just a bonus. I love the fact that I can now take the dog for a walk/jog and not be totally out of breath. I feel better. As far as losing another 10 pounds or so, it would be great and I will keep trying to just eat healthier. Quinny is a big motivation since she basically eats everything we eat, so I want her to eat as healthy as possible!

I hope everyone has a great Memorial Day Weekend! We have a big weekend of getting the pool up and running for next weekend! Let's hope we get that far and don't hit any major speed bumps along the way!

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