I don't even think exhausted covers it. We are pretty tired in our house today. So much so that Anth actually took off from work today. Now I have to be honest, I feel a little bad complaining being that Anth is the one that is probably struggling to keep his eyes open right now. Anth and his dad spent all day yesterday working on the pool and the outside. Part of the day which was spent inside of the pool power washing it in the rain. I spent the weekend dragging Quinny along with all of the errands we had to run. She was a trooper but she is probably as exhausted as we are! I have decided to take off Wednesday to paint our living room. Our massive, massive living room. All by myself. Baby girl's party is fast approaching and we are dead set on getting the house as together as we can before then. Then we will take the entire summer off and do nothing. I will anyway!

Did I ever mention the change in her birthday invites? I was going to make these bad boys but I ran out of both time and patience. So I decided to use my work hours to come up with these...

Sorry the quality sucks. I am way too exhausted lazy to make them look nicer. Now I am off to drink my 2nd cup of coffee!



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