Paint Indecisiveness

So last week I decided to take a day off of work and tackle painting the living room. The massive, massive living room. This was one project Anth did not want to participate in, so I figured why couldn't I do this alone?! I honestly expected to get the entire room done in the 6 hour span I had to myself that day. Before I get into how ridiculous my goal actually was lets talk about how it took 7 swatches to come up with a final decision. You can kind of see the color of the walls in the background. This goes down our hallway and (will eventually) go up our stairs into the hallway upstairs. It's a yellow-beige kind of color. Our kitchen/eat in is painted a light gray. So I need something that would tie in all of the colors without looking like a circus. My husband, God love him, really enjoys bright colors. He has a vision of painting our office orange. Handy as he is, a decorator he is not. 

These were my paint choices:

The below three were for Anth. He really wanted yellow. Can you guess which one he chose? Yup, the bright-as-the-sun color on the top left. You seriously needed some shades to look right at. 

I was very excited when I found the winner. I was looking for something that would go with both beige and gray. Could you imagine my excitement when I saw this?!

Yup. Gray Beige. I didn't have a choice but to go with it. (It's the top color on my color swatches if you're wondering). So my plan was to wake up, get the baby ready and take her to my mom's house, head to Lowe's to pick up the 2 gallons I needed and get to painting! Well, I am ashamed to say that I might have gotten suckered into an episode of Real Housewives so all I managed to accomplish in those 6 hours was finishing the trim. But in my defense: 1) The room is huge. 2) There are two huge windows. 3) That is a lot of trim. 

Anth thought it was hilarious but being the wonderful husband he is, he helped me paint one coat after the nugget went to bed. So I only had to paint one whole coat by myself. Which wasn't bad at all. I rewarded myself with a huge piece of cake and glass of wine. Success! I will have to post some pics once I have cleaned the room enough to no longer be embarrassed by the terror that is our living room. 



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