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Quinny's birthday party has really thrown us into "house mode". While Anth has been frantically trying to get the pool ready (which was filled on Wednesday!) I have been doing what I can on the inside! I desperately wanted to get the guest bathroom upstairs done in time for the party. We had bought these gorgeous mirrors for this bathroom that I was dying to get installed but we had to finish painting it first. So we finally tackled that project and Anth hung up my beloved mirrors! The bathroom needs some definite final touches and the window trim still needs to be painted white but otherwise I think it's coming together quite nicely! Hopefully I can make a trip to Home Goods or Marshalls to finish it up. Here are a few pics of the almost final product!

And of course, my Trigger boy is always there to look pretty.

Oh and we really need to get rid of the green carpet thing going on.

On another note, I will have a one year old on Sunday. One. I am still having a hard time wrapping my mind around that one!



  1. Bathroom looks awesome!
    Isn't it crazy how fast the year went???

  2. Thank you!

    I don't even want to talk about how fast it's going :(

  3. Love that tile job, so fresh! Renovating is the best!

  4. Thank you! You just have to be careful to stare right at it lol

  5. It looks GORG mama! I love it! I wish our bathroom was that big... I feel like I have to hold my breath just to squeeze in, lol.


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