Current Love | A Sign From God

So yesterday as I was doing my usual Internet stalking on various websites, I ran across this diaper bag on Target's "Deal of the Day".

Let me just say that their Deal of the Day is seriously my favorite thing ever. They usually have pretty awesome deals and the best part that it is always free shipping.

Anyway, I wasn't really looking for a new diaper bag but when I cam across this deal (for $26 by the way) I just had to have it.

I love my current diaper bag, I seriously love it and have only used this one since Quinn was born. I give you my favorite baby item.

But my inner lunatic got a hold of me and said "You have millions of purses, why can't you have more than one diaper bag?" But I actually had been thinking about losing the diaper bag all together and just getting myself a big handbag. I had even ordered this moments before spotting my Target find:

I figured I could just toss this puppy into any purse I was carrying and Voila! Immediate diaper bag.

Well, when I went to order the diaper bag from Target, the pattern above wasn't available so I thought oh well, I didn't really want it anyway. Then last night as I was making a late night Target run for milk, I perused through the baby section (seriously, how can you not?) and noticed my diaper bag. My beautiful bag that I had missed out on and realized that I had to have it and what a gift from God that it would be placed in my line of vision on clearance! I immediately called Anthony (waking him up) and began telling him that God had placed this bag here and that don't we need another one? He so nicely told me to go ahead and get it while telling me to quit saying it was a gift from the Lord. Blasphemy. So I happily left Target ($120 in the hole, didn't I just go out for milk?) and a happy little girl.



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