iPhone Photo Dump

I have been having serious computer issues lately where I can't get my pictures to upload to iPhoto so I have been trying every night to fix it. And by trying I mean I play with it for 5 minutes and then I get bored. So I figure I would share all of the picture on my phone that I never do anything with!

Nugget visits mama at work!
 And tries to be the new spokesbaby for the Construction department.
The only way we can change her diaper sometimes!
 My happy morning baby. With out of control hair.
 My mom's little angels. No, the one on the left is not winking. She recently had her eye removed :(
 I love those legs. 
 Fab 4 Crab Feast.
 My other baby showing me some attitude. 
 Enjoying a day off with Daddy!

I have a lot to share whenever I get those pics up, including my new obsession with Goodwill, a Craigslist score and of course way too many pictures of the nugget.



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