Love & Marriage

Things that annoy me about my husband:

- He rolls his dirty socks and then throws them into the hamper.
- He sucks at expressing his feelings, (shocking for a man, huh?) which means he is usually always in "neutral"
- He always puts his dirty dishes on the counter above the dishwasher (which happens to be 2 inches next to the sink)
- He brings soda cans/Gatorade bottles into the shower. He also leaves said bottles collecting at his bedside.

The one thing that makes the above tolerable? I absolutely love him to pieces.

Marriage is always puppies and rainbow colored unicorns  hard. I will be the first to admit that I sometimes can majorly suck at being a wife. I get pissy, moody, completely unlovable and a straight up b-word. (Don't judge, I am trying to improve on my sailor mouth). I get up every morning at 5 to make Anth some breakfast and put his lunch together so that he can just pick it up and be on his way. If he pisses me off, I don't do it. (Do you hate me yet?) Which usually ends up making me feel awful because I know he works harder then I will ever know. I sometimes wonder how he has put up with me for 8 years and married to me for almost 3.

But the fact is that nothing can break the commitment that we made to each other, especially now with Quinny in the picture. We love each other and would do anything for our family and that has never been questioned.

So, Andrea, turn the b-word down a notch and be the loving, KIND person that you committed to be. Because Quinny and I are the luckiest people in the world to have Anth, we really are. Everything else doesn't matter.



  1. Marriage is hard. We have been through a lot but I'm so grateful to have my wonderful husband who cares so much for us. Keep the hard work up and give yourself some grace. We can't be perfect all the time ;)


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