My Poor Triggs

This morning was awful. Awful. I woke up and in my usual morning routine, went to give Trigger good morning kisses with Quinny when I found him in the same position that I had left him last night. He had also pooped in his bed, which is not that rare, but rare. So I clean it up and tell him he's a good boy because I know he's getting old. Me and Quinny make our way downstairs and I keep calling Trigger to come outside and I hear a thud. So we run to the stairs and find Trigger halfway down the stairs with his hind legs stuck behind him 2 stairs up. It was awful. It was like he had no control or movement of his hind legs. I try to move him, but he won't budge. I am waiting for my mother in law to come and so I can hand over the baby and help him but even both of us couldn't coax him down. We finally managed to get him to the landing at the bottom and he stayed there for a good while. I of course call my mom in tears and she immediately gets in the car and comes over. Trigger loves his walks, so I figure I would put his leash on and open the door and he might get so excited he would magically start walking but all that did was get him up enough to collapse at the bottom of the stairs where I put his dog bed. So the plan was for the three of us to get him in the car with a sheet under him, but he is big. Like seriously it was trying to smuggle a dead body outside. I had no choice but to call Anth who was forced to leave early and come to the rescue.

Long story short we finally got him to the vet, and it looked like his adrenaline had kicked in because when they came out to get him with the stretcher thing, he was standing next to Anth. He still couldn't walk and was dragging his back legs. I felt horrible because I wanted to be with him through everything but we know him better than that. Every time we go to the vet, I have to toss his leash to the assistant or otherwise he backs up into me and starts barking at whoever is coming near us. He is such a protective boy. So they did x-rays and all that and the vet said that her best guess is that he has a disc problem in his neck. They loaded him up on drugs and said that if it doesn't help in 3 weeks he would require an MRI and possible even surgery. The life expectancy of a Great Dane is 7-10 years and Triggs will be 8 in December so we are hoping we don't have to make that decision. We were told to have him rest and he wasn't allowed to go up or down stairs so we left him at my mom's house, which is literally walking distance to the vet so he could relax in luxury without a baby and a cat to torture him. I am praying that the medicine works and he gets back to his old self soon. I still see him as this energetic puppy and it kills me to think of him so fragile.

I know I may take this a little overboard but he is my first baby. Like a brother from another mother to Quinn :)



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