Silly girl.

Love, love, love love. Quinny is seriously delicious. If she would let me, I would honestly lick her to pieces everyday. Just another cutey patooty thing that she's been up to lately! I cannot believe she is almost 14 months. She is so fun right now, and such a personality. I would have never thought that a one year old could be so sassy and independent but I love that about her. I love how she can completely face plant while running away from me and get us hysterically laughing. I love how the only time she gives me hugs are when I am changing her diaper in the morning. She seriously grabs my neck and doesn't let go. I love how she calls everything blue when you ask her what color it is. I absolutely love her love for shoes :) 

So yeah, you get it. I love her. I can't say it enough!! Here is some video cuteness of her new favorite thing!



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