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We told ourselves after Quinny's Birthday Party that we would spend the rest of the summer relaxing and not worrying about the house and everything that still needs to be done to it.

Well, that was a lie. I just can't do it. Although our list is probably too long to ever accomplish, I figured we should have some kind of goals. One of the biggest plans we have is the basement. When we bought the house we originally wanted to turn the room downstairs into Anth's "mancave" or whatever they call it. In our old house he had the entire basement to himself where we spent a lot of time cuddling on the oversize sectional and watching television like it was our job. This is what we are working with:

Taken when we first saw the house.

Kind of claustrophobic feeling, isn't it? We want to make it feel more open and family room like so we have big plans.

This is the room at the bottom of the stairs to the left, which has since been painted white so as not to blind people who enter it.

It's the perfect size for a nice little family room type room so I am excited to get going on it! We plan to tile the floor because of the traffic that goes in and out of it and with the pool we figured it was the best choice. I forgot to mention that we also have this gem at the very bottom of the stairs:

Yeah, we have a lot of work cut out for us, but one minor improvement at a time!



  1. That does seem like you have a lot of work cut out for you - but you know what?! I'm so jealous you have a HOUSE!!!! :)


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