Fall Family Goals

So after realizing that we literally spent the entire summer not really doing anything but working on the house I decided that I wanted to make a "Fall Family Goals" list of things that I realllllly wanted to do with Anth and the little nugget before the freezing cold weather comes. In Maryland I feel like we only get a week or two of gorgeous weather because it just hits freezing. I love spending time at home with my little family, but sometimes I just need to get out. Anth on the other hand could live on the sofa or in bed, so getting him to agree to these goals will be a challenge. But an ultimatum or threat should probably do the trick.

Who wants to bet that come winter this list will be a complete fail? Oh well. It's worth a shot.

Speaking of #6, this weekend we realized that we have a full fledged bully on our hands. At a 4 year old's birthday party we had to scold  Quinn for shoving about 3 kids and stealing another's pacifier. A pacifier that belonged to a little boy who was almost a year older than her. No fear in that one.

If I had to guess which goals we will almost definitely fail....I would have to go with 2, 10 and 12. Or maybe all of them.



  1. Well we covered #1 for you but it's the b-more zoo. But they get to ride the train at the zoo and it's included in the groupon!!! And we get to do #11 at the pumpkin patch per living social lol. I'll help you get it all done

  2. Hahaha YES! I was so excited to get your text! LOL!


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