Playing catch up....and a trip down memory lane.

I realize that I absolutely suck at keeping up with Quinny's months! We decided we would keep up with the monthly pictures, just add a little color here and there with her onesies. I have also ditched the annoying stickers that she would love to rip off and Photoshop the numbers on there. Because I am lazy. She will be 15 months on the 26th so hopefully I will get that one up on time.

Here is my little nugget, at 13 and 14 months!

There is no trace of baby here. She looks like a huge kid!

Every time I take a new monthly picture it makes me so sad because I remember being so excited to pull out those stickers and take her 1 month picture!

Look at that. Sass from month one.



  1. Aww! I'm a New Reader! Mine just turned 9 months and I know what you mean about looking like a big kid. I can't imagine how much she will change in just 5 more short months!! Quinn is beautiful!

  2. It is crazy how fast the time goes :(

    Thank you!


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