Your Three Words | It's Finally Fall!

Seriously, how cute & comfy is this outfit?! 

I used to be in love with Summer. Seriously, tan skin and cold drinks were all I cared about before I actually had a job, a husband and a baby. 

Now I get annoyed in the summer because it takes a lot out of me to get the baby in her car seat without sweating through my work clothes. Thank God for clinical strength deodorant. 

Damn, real world. 

My love for fall has grown with my obsession with boots, scarves and jackets. And how do you not love baby jackets and those tiny little jeans?! Quinny has a pair of pink boots, thanks to her Lita that she is crazy about. Seriously, I came home from lunch the other day and she was taking a nap....with her boots on. My mom said she refused to take them off. I think we have a little fashionista on our hands! (I can only hope.)

Happy Fall everyone and don't forget to join the Blog Hop!



  1. Fall is the best! And that outfit is adorable!!!

  2. Yes, in love with that adorable outfit!!

  3. I love that photo, looking very editorial. Beautiful blog!


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