Back to reality...

Well, we finally made it home after a long week in Emerald Isle, NC. We stayed in a gorgeous house that was way too big for the 6 adults and 3 kids that stayed there, but we did each get our own floor! Here are a few pictures:

I will hopefully be able to finish writing a post that I have seriously been writing for almost a week but can't seem to finish. As for me, I am enjoying getting back to being busy and getting some work done. I was actually really excited to get to work today. That is until Quinny decided to get her first ever fever last night. A trip to the doctor's this morning, she is at home with daddy feeling much better.



  1. That house is ridiculous and I'm so jealous!! I hope Quinn feels better soon.

  2. Yeah it was insane. Too many floors though! haha. Thank you!


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