Your Three Words | Baby's First Fever

Ok, not really so much anymore. With getting back from vacation, saying goodbye to Trigger and life in general, I have had zero time (or motivation) to blog about my little nugget's first fever! She woke up Sunday night (Anth's birthday!) around 10:00 crying, which is very unlike her. She is more of a whiner so we knew something had to be going on. You could literally feel the steam coming off of her as soon as I picked her up and she just looked awful. We took her temperature and it was 103.2! We, of course, start freaking out because she has never had a fever before and it was the second time I think we have even taken her temperature, the first time being taken by our friend Colleen, because we were too chicken to do it. Yeah, awesome parents.

So we call the doctor and give her some medicine and basically I got to cuddle with her all night :) I definitely didn't mind that. We took her into the doctor the next day and got her all checked out. Check out our little nugget with a pee bag strapped to her diaper.

I know the quality sucks, but she was on the move. We seriously had to sit there and wait for her to pee. After a few minutes, Anth started running the water and I even stuck her hand in warm water. A couple minutes later she peed, so I like to think it was a team effort!

Today is the second day she has had no fever, so we are hoping that's the end of it! She still has no cough, runny nose, rash, etc so I am hoping we got lucky with this one! Such a strong little girl!



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