Your Three Words | Fall Family Goals

We've made a little progress with this list! I can hardly believe it, being that we have been insanely busy lately and this is our first weekend where we actually have nothing planned. It's WONDERFUL. 

Not too bad really, when in all honesty I didn't think we would knock more than one off that list! I generously marked off "Framing in our f-ing doorways" because yes, Anth did frame them in finally. But now we have to paint them white. So while not a total completion.....not bad at all for Anth :)

Our adorable little nugget.



That face!


Fell asleep in the corn maze...of course she did.

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  1. What a great list! That is great that you already have some things completed. Love the last pic, falling asleep in the corn maze! Too precious!

  2. SO cute!! ahh! Quinny's getting so big!


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