Dear Quinn

Dear Quinn,

You are sleeping like a little angel right now. I had so much fun with you tonight. Although you did wake up from your afternoon nap close to 7 (I think daylight savings time messed you up a bit), it was one of my favorite times. Daddy fell asleep around 7 and I had you all to myself. I fed you dinner (chicken nuggets for you), which you demanded to be dipped in ketchup. Then we ran upstairs to get some playtime in before going back to bed. I of course took a million pictures while you played with Reagan. Then I got to read you your bedtime stories which I haven't done since you were itty bitty and daddy had school twice a week. We cuddled and you let me hold you like you used to. I was thinking of how much you've grown and how you are so not a baby anymore. I love you so much i literally feel like my heart could explode. You are such a good baby and are so fun to "hang out" with. I love you so much nugget. You are the best part of me. Goodnight, sweet baby. I'll see you in the morning.





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