Fall Family Goal | Trip to the Zoo!

Our good friends Colleen and Jason bought a Groupon for all of us to go the Baltimore Zoo and it could not have been a better day. Besides my camera dying half way through the day, a pacifier being spit into the elephant exhibit and a tiny meltdown in front of the monkeys, I call it a successful day. I also lost the stroller about 30 seconds into the trip. Let's just say I will always remember to lock the wheels from now on. It was a beautiful day out, the girls were SO good the whole time and it was seriously one of the best days we have had in a long time! {Thanks Woelper's!}Plus we got to strike another goal off of our list!

Of course, another beautiful shot with daddy :)

She really is a happy kid, I swear.

They definitely kept each other entertained!

Our little birdie.

I love these two...

I don't know why I appear drunk in every picture.

Girl loved her some goats.

 Almost got her finger chopped off by a chicken.

 This thing was GORGEOUS!

Another cute Daddy & Daughter photo.


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