Happy Thanksgiving!

I love Thanksgiving. I get two meals in one day which are equally delicious. We get to be surrounded by family all day and our little nugget actually gets to eat all of the food and enjoy everyone's company!

I am most thankful for nugget. Words cannot describe how blessed we are to have such an amazing little girl. Smart, funny, lovable (when she wants to be), and just plain delicious. The reason we smile every single day, the reason we feel so loved.

My hubby. I couldn't be thankful for my nugget without being thankful for my better half. Over 8 years of the same funny, adorable and feisty you. The reason our family is functional. So, so thankful for Quinn having you as a daddy. Melts my heart everyday when I watch the two of you. Love, love, love.

My mama. Because seriously I would never be where I am today without her. The one thing better than having you as a mom, is having you be a Lita to Quinn. Blessed to have you in our lives practically everyday and love you so, so much.

I of course am thankful for much, much more. Anth's family, Olivia, Reagan, thankful Triggy was in our lives as long as he was, thankful for our good health. I could go on forever. Makes you wonder why we find ourselves complaining so much :)

I hope everyone has a happy  and safe Thanksgiving with lots of love and lots of food!



  1. Nothing like listing what we have to be thankful for to help us realize how little we have to complain about! Hope your holiday was grand!!


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