Your Three Words | 1st Annual Friendsgiving!

Yup. The Hastings'ss' First Annual Friendsgiving is tomorrow! I decided that because I never get to host anything (thanks Gram) and that holidays should be about the friends too, to throw a full blown Thanksgiving meal for some of our friends. I will be cooking a meal for 16 people. Not including our little nugget and her BFF Brenna. I have never before in my life even attempted to cook a turkey, so mama has it in her freezer right now and will be doing all of the prep work for me! Other than that we are having real mashed potatoes, sweet potato casserole, cornbread casserole, stuffing and pie! Not including all the yum yums that some people have offered to bring. Oh, yeah and WINE. Lots and lots of wine. This could very well be a total disaster, but I figure we can always order pizza and enjoy each other's company :)



  1. have fun!!! and good luck! I love hosting dinner parties for friends!


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