Your Three Words | Big Bang Theory

Ok, so obviously this is the most random of Y3W post's ever, but this has been playing in our house non stop for almost a week (thank you Woelper's!). Am I the only one that wasn't watching this hilarious show?! Anyway, thank goodness for Hulu because my work day will be going a lot better thanks to this....and a pumpkin spice latte.

And because it's too darn cute not to share.....our little nugget proudly displaying all of her {12!} teeth!




  1. We love Big Bang too!!! It is soooo funny!!! Love the teeth!

  2. I love that show!! I missed last nights, but have it DVRd so that's my plan for tonight. I love the face Quinn's making. :)

  3. We love that show. My sisters friend plays bernedette in it so it's fun to watch her on tv. And Quinn is adorable!


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