18 Months Old!? Seriously?

Our little nugget turned 18 months old the day after Christmas. I cannot even begin to explain how sad that makes me. Not sad, but....sad. She is SO MUCH FUN right now. It's like I have a constant little companion who loves to make me laugh, give me cuddles and moves non stop. I just can't believe my little girl is a year and a half! She looks like a kid. We will be waving her off to pre-school before we know it. (I can't even talk about that, it literally brings me to tears. What kind of crazy person lets her kid go to some strange school and hand over the baby that literally came out of my stomach to be taken care of by some complete stranger?!) I kid. I'm not that crazy.

She had her 18 month appointment on Tuesday. She was hysterical. She remains of the tall and skinny variety weighing in at 23 pounds and 32.5 inches tall. (25th for weight, 75th for height) She was right on track with everything, and didn't even cry at her shot. She got to hold her Minnie Mouse camera the whole time and was just annoyed by it. That's my girl. Tough like mama (Anth, if you are reading this...I can see you laughing). 

She doesn't have another appointment until her 2 year so she will have a lot of growing and developing to do in between I am sure! 



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