Your Three Words | November Photo Dump

Since my cell phone has become our go to picture taking device, I have become so lazy at downloading pictures from our good camera! So here you go. A complete dump of pictures from November. 

Push ups!

Both my children like to army crawl on our floor.


I don't know what my obsession with her feet is all about, but it started the day she was born!

Our good girl. Seriously, this dog is an angel.

Rare Mommy/Daughter photo.

That face!

 And that face too :)

 A few pictures from Friendsgiving!

 I clearly am an awesome photographer.

Can you believe she is only 3?!

One of my favorite outfits!

My friends have such good babies.

 Loves playing with her daddy.


 I die.

 She is much happier now that we don't force her to eat everything. 
That's for another post!

 Usual Quinn tude face.

  I will call this..."A series of giggles."


 No one ever cares about the cat. But we love her.


 Framed in door ways being painted. 
We did this on the day of Friendsgiving. Procrastinators much?

 Thanksgiving! How cute is she?

 She looks super thrilled.

 Girl loves her Pop Pop.

 Playing the piano. One of her best tricks!

 And I call this..."A series of snuggles." I am really witty, I know.

 Pictures from our trip to Williamsburg that I never posted. 

 A little snooze around Merchant Square. 

 I am always left out, damnit.

 Angel. While she's sleeping, anyway.

 Quinny's very first corn dog! 
That mommy and daddy couldn't wait to eat after she was done with it.

 Add it to the small list of foods she actually loves!

I don't know who this is. (Colleen I would appreciate an answer in the comments.) 
And please don't judge me. I will call him Alan.

 Making friends with Alan.

 And staring at Alan.

And being inappropriate with Alan.

 She wanted to hold his hand. It was so cute!

Don't worry, we made her eat hand sanitizer after this. 

Infatuated with Alan.

That is basically our November summed up in pictures! I cannot believe its already the second week of December, but it needs to hurry up. My bestie aka Quinny's godparents find out what they are having on the 30th! And Quinn really wants to know if she is getting a bff or a bf.



  1. Hahahahaha!! I love all the pics!

    I will oblige and answer your question, I believe that was supposed to be Thomas Jefferson. At least that's who it looks like to me. :) Alan is good too though.

  2. Haha, THANK YOU! That was my second guess. I won't mention what my first one was lol.

  3. What a terrific montage of pictures. I love it. Her dress is so cute and that hair kills me!


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