Fall Family Goals | Final Grade: C

As I mentioned in this post, I had made some Fall Family Goals that I wanted to try to get through. Well, as I had a gut feeling we wouldn't get through all of them, we honestly didn't get through most of them. I literally cracked up at the fact that the one goal that was the easiest to cross off, we didn't do. Eating on our f-ing deck. Seriously?? Disappointing. We did manage to go on several date nights, which is surprising. Oh well. Average ain't so bad. Just like my school days.

I guess it's time to get onto some Winter Family Goals.



  1. At least you made a list of goals! To me that's the hardest part... thinking of things. But I'm a list maker and LOVE crossing things off, so once the list is made... I'm usually pretty good at making things happen :) mamie

    PS - I added you to my blog roll at Blessings Abound!


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