To Pool or Not to Pool?

Our home is a never ending house project. Here are some before pictures of our beauty. Crazy, right? Well things have been moving along rather nicely and we are slowly but surely tying up all the lose ends, like baseboards, closets, etc. I can actually say I finished our office upstairs this weekend and I can't believe how clean it looks!

So talking about our backyard and our pool, we have been debating whether we should keep it or not. We went crazy last summer trying to get it together for Quinn's birthday party. It is a HUGE pool. Seriously, huge. But I have to admit it was kind of awesome seeing it go from this:

To this:

Being that we suck at keeping on top of things and by we I mean Anthony are super busy and all over the place these days, the pool kind of took a back seat and looks pretty disgusting these days. Anth wants to fill it  with dirt and just have a crap load of land out back. I am on the fence. I LOVE having access to a pool whenever we want. I hate all the maintenance that goes into owning one. I have a feeling that Quinn will LOVE the water this summer so that is why I am leaning toward keeping it. Anth is trying to bribe me with a swing set. What do I do?! We aren't planning on staying in this house for much longer, so I am kind of thinking we should just do whatever is best for when we sell it. Apparently having a pool lowers the value of your home? 

What would you do?!



  1. OMG, that pool is awesome!!! I'd really want to keep it, but if you're moving, it'd maybe be better to fill it in. I bet your homeowners insurance would drop a bit too. That pool is amazing though.

  2. I'm going to give you a hard time and call this such a 1st world problem. ;P

    In all honesty, I agree that a pool would be AMAZING for a little one during the summer. However, the upkeep and maintenance would probably keep me from buying a home (I'm lazy like that!). How about you use it this summer, then you fill, buy a beautiful swing set for the fall, and later, sell the house! Best of both worlds!

  3. Hahah i know right?! But heck yes! that is a great idea!

  4. I want that pool! I am totally jealous! My husband gives me a hard time with agreeing to a pool because of the safety factor.

  5. I too am jealous! We live in a condo but are running out of space! I dream of one day owning a home with a pool, regardless of the work that goes along with it!


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