Weekend Recap

This weekend was insanely productive! We had decided to take the weekend off to clean and organize some more, and even help my mom organize some things. Since I still have a butt load of crap at my mom's house I decided to go over and help her clean some stuff out and make a Craigs List/Donate/Trash pile. About 4 hours later we had made a small dent.

There was this adorable-ness going on I almost died:

Quinn also found some tinted chapstick and wanted to make herself beautiful:

Nailed it.

Quinny was killing me with the cuteness wearing a shirt that said "Daddy's Girl" and I kept asking her what it said. More like harassing but she's my kid. Excuse how annoying I am in this video but I really wanted it on film!

But best of all, last night was the Golden Globes. I get very excited for awards season, I have no idea why. I like to grab some wine, some snacks, lay in bed and pretend I'm friends with these people. And above all, I love looking at George Clooney the dresses. It was wonderful. Did anyone else watch last night?!

My Best Dressed:


My GOD, Helen Mirren can work it.
I hate how perfect she is! But I love her!

My What the F were you thinking:

I LOVE Meryl Streep, but what is that?!

(All images via Getty Images)

Makes me wish I had an occasion to wear a ball gown. Sad face.



  1. I thought the golden globes were sort of boring. I loved reading this post because I am a huge fan of all the awards. And I agree- Meryl ??


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