January Photo Dump

This week has already been insane and it's only Tuesday. I spent most of the day in court yesterday. I always wonder if I will ever share the story that is my family drama, but I always end up talking myself out of it. Maybe one day. But today, we are happy, healthy and blessed. And I would like to keep it that way :)

These are all the random pictures that I never uploaded/forgot about in January. Enjoy!

She loves trying on mama's shoes!

Jail baby.

That face makes my heart happy. 

And I love that she has her Trigger with her every night. 


My big girl. Saying "CHEESE!" with her eyes closed is her new thing.

I have been really slacking with my camera lately. It's amazing how much your iPhone will take over all of your picture taking. I need to get better with that! I hope next month's Photo Dump will be much larger!



  1. Love the pictures! I hope everything is going all right with the court. *hugs*

  2. Ugh family drama is the worst! Hope that you have some peace with that soon. Love the mama shoe pics...to cute. And I think we have the same treasury of little board books. I think Maggie likes the box that they came in almost as much as the books!

  3. I love the pictures but so sorry for the drama. You don't need that!


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