Weekend Recap

We had a long weekend and it was awesome. Seriously we did nothing but hang around, eat a lot and shop. As if living 5 minutes from a Target, Babies R Us and Chipotle wasn't bad enough, they opened a Carter's. Right.Next.To.Target.

We are officially bankrupt.

Seriously? This was a couple weeks ago but this was the tub of Butt Paste we got when Quinn was born. We kept it in her room, so it obviously wasn't used at every diaper change, but it lasted is almost 18 months! 

She demanded them.

She didn't want to not look cool by smiling or anything.

We put together every one of these blocks. They now take over my entire living room.


Daddy has more fun with them than Quinn does. 

Daddy built her a fort. He was mad that this was as big as he could make it.

I swear I do own a nice camera. I just suck at actually downloading pictures, hence photo dumps with pictures from a nice camera. But I am trying to get better. I am in no mood to be at work today so hopefully the day goes by quickly!



  1. Man that is a huge tub o' Butt Paste!!! And we have the same store lethal combo, but lucky for me, it's about 25 minutes away, so we aren't there that often! Love the blocks and fort pics...adorable!


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