Your Three Words | #janphotoaday {last one!}

So this is my last #janphotoaday for January and I have to say I kind of miss my regular Y3W! But what can I say, I am lazy and this is easier. I am doing the #febphotoaday but only through Instagram this time. Anyway if anyone is wondering what that green looking slime drink is below it's that spinach smoothie from Pinterest and it is DELICIOUS. I am having it for breakfast this morning too. Even though I love spinach, you really only taste the peanut butter and banana. And excuse my fridge. It is an absolute disaster. Yes, the apple juice looks like it's about the fall over. But don't worry. The milk is doing it's job by holding it up.

Happy Friday! {YAY!}



  1. I love your hair! I'm not sure if I could do a spinach smootie for lunch, but you're inspiring me.

  2. You are too cute girl:) Your fridge looks way more organized than mine!

  3. We enjoyed a green smoothie this morning, too! And I'm with melissa!

  4. We are sticking with the berry smoothies!


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