Your Three Words | Weight Watchers Failure

Seriously? So, this guy at work got me on this Weight Watchers like program, equipped with an app and everything I would be need to know to lose weight. Duh.

2 days in and I am one pound heavier. I am now enjoying a Subway sandwich {not on the 6 subs with 6 grams of fat or less}and am telling my diet to suck it for a day. I even worked our 3 times this week already.

Oh well. I am sure if I quit weighing myself everyday I might be a little more motivated, so we will see!

Happy Friday everybody!



  1. I just found out today that I'm not losing weight because I'm not eating ENOUGH. WTF. Dieting sucks.

  2. Is that not some BS?! LOL. It's so frustrating!

  3. Don't worry. Some weeks you gain and some weeks you lose. I did this back and forth on ww till I ended up losing 50 pds and keeping it off for 8 years. I love ww:)


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